Friday, July 04, 2014


I love swimming. From the early age of 6 years old I would join friends to go and swim at the beaches at Beserah, Tanjung Api and Teluk Cempedak in Kuantan. Born in Kuantan a small east coast town the sea was always not that far away thus it was natural for us kids to learn and enjoy swimming at an early age. We would hike from the Kuantan town all the way to the beach at Tanjung Api or Teluk Cempedak to swim whenever we like. In the forties and fifties there was no road or proper transport to get to the beach. One had to walk or cycle just to get there. But then it was not a problem, we just hike, camp on the beach and go swimming. It was fun and we kids always enjoyed it. Now in my golden age I would just walk along the beach whenever I am at Kuantan. Most of my swimming is now done at the swimming pool. Our youngest kids bought a condo nearby and it has a huge swimming pool. So from time to time I would just go there and did my swimming or just sit around the swimming pool to chat with strangers or friends who happened to be there. Above is an image of me just before dipping into that gorgeous swimming pool. Swimming always refreshes me. 

Have a nice day.

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