Monday, June 30, 2014

Of Gardening...

I love gardening. In the morning or afternoon I would enjoy every minutes getting my hand dirty with the soil tending to my little plot of garden. It a passion of my from the time I learn to plant in primary school. It does bring me pleasure and kept my mental faculty healthy in my golden years. How I wished I have a bigger space to do gardening but circumstances is that I could not afford to buy a house with more space. Thus I am using the available space in front of my patio to create a small garden that I often referred to as my Little Garden and another where we planted vegetable, orchid and herbs at the backyard. In the little space available that I call my Little Garden I tried my best to create a landscape of various plants. With the greens and flowers small animals and birds start to make it their home too. To lure the squirrel I would put cut fruits on a container and placed it on the fence. It would come and go as it like and enjoy its meals and I get to watch it running around. Early morning I could hear birds chirping from branch to branch. At time beautiful butterfly would fly around looking for nectar from the flowers. At one corner of the Little Garden there is a small fish pond where one could hear the pattering of water from the small fountain. I feed the fish without failed every morning. It is interesting to see the fishes gather together waiting for it morning meals. After feeding the fish I would water the plant and at that moment in time all the plants would look fresh. The hours I spend tending to my Little Garden does made my day. 

Have a nice day.


Aziela said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Idrus.

That is a very pretty and colorful garden. I can imagine the serenity especially when the squirrel come and the birds chirping and the butterflies hop among the flowers.

I have a small space too at my house, but since we are very busy with work and travels, we keep it empty first. A few pot of bunga kenanga and a flower bed of bunga melur are all we have currently. A few herbs at the backyard too to help me in my cooking.

Pak Idrus, selamat berpuasa.

Pak Idrus said...

Aziela, Thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject if this posting. Thanks too for your kind words on my little garden. The space I got is limited thus I just grow most of the plants in pots. It is much easier to maintained plants in post and it does not grow too big.

We have to use whatever space we got and enjoy it. Thus my little garden. I have a big Kenanga plant that flowers throughout the years and it does produce soothing fragrant whenever one goes near it. I have bud-grafted a few and give it to friends and plated one in my eldest daughter's house.

Have a nice day and take care.