Friday, July 11, 2014

The Full Moon of Ramadan....

It the fasting month of Ramadan and today is the fifteenth day where Muslim all over the world fast during the day. At Iftar family members would gather to break the fast. It is call Buka Pusa or Iftar. To me it is really nice to be surrounded by the kids and grandkids at Iftar, enjoying the meal together; indeed a beautiful moment in time. And I love it. Above is the moon as seen above my house at 9.15pm this evening July 11, 2014. It’s a full moon; a magnificent sight indeed.

Islam follows the lunar calendar and its day start from sunset and not from sunrise thus one start the day with the breaking of the fast as soon as the Azan of the Magrib prayer is heard and stop taking food just before the sunrise. Then the spiritual journey of Ramadan continues until the end of daylight. Thus this Friday just end when we break the fast today. And Saturday July 12, 2014 of the Muslim calendar begin.

Have a nice day.


Arichantheran Mvsivagnanam said...

...oh! baru faham...tks

Pak Idrus said...

Arichantheran Mvsivagnanam, thanks for the visit and am glad that you now know why.

Have a nice day.