Friday, December 27, 2013

The Johor Premium Outlets...

Our daughter invited us to go for a short holiday to the south. So last Sunday December 22,  with our son in law driving we left KL at just past nine in the morning travelling on the North South Highway toward Johor Bharu. The weather was good so the ride all the way was smooth and enjoyable. Since I was not driving I was able to take some picture of the scenery as we move on. We stop at a rest area at Macap and had our lunch, then proceed on. 

At around 1PM we arrived at the Johor Premium Outlets, the biggest such outlet in this country. It is one of the many such outlets in that category that spans the world. Just click on the outlet above and you would understand more about this amazing shopping paradise. I have not been there before so the moment I saw the building I knew it must be of an international standard. It almost looks like the one we visited in Austin, Texas some years ago. On getting closer and later getting more information about this place sure enough it is indeed a part of the world network of such shopping outlets that sell all branded goods from all over the world.
After parking the car we went to venture on in the sprawling outlet. The place was already thronging with people shopping, eating or just whiling their time away. With everyone in the family having their cell phone it was easy to just go our own way to enjoy the place and do the shopping our way. For a while my two grandsons follows me but eventually they decided not to follow since their interest are different from mine. They then re-join the other family group and went on their own way. I decided to get some snack at the Food court and browse along to the many shops. I found that the prices of goods are much cheaper than at the outlet in the malls in Kuala Lumpur. I did shop for a few shirts and happy with it. After almost three hours the whole family met again at a food outlet and had some snack and drinks. We then decided to do more shopping. Personally I found this shopping paradise is an exciting place to shop for branded goods since the price is less than in Kuala Lumpur.

 Image on the left shows folks queuing to get into an outlet. They do that so that the others already inside could do their shopping with ease. Once more people get out they would allow the others outside to get in. They do that to avoid too many people into the outlet at one time thus became uncomfortable to shop. At first I thought that the outlet is yet to open but on enquiring found out that it is close for a while to create a good shopping environment inside the outlet. I thought that is indeed a good idea. With that everyone could enjoy their shopping.

We left the place at just past five in the evening heading to our hotel in Johor Bharu. All in all it was exciting trip to the south. I did enjoy the day. 

Have a nice day.


Unknown said...

We were there on Xmas Eve, and Akemi Uchi Galleria had opening sales with 70-80% discounts on selected curtain and bed sheet items. On top of that for 3 or more linen items purchased, they gave additional discounts. About the Q, I wonder is it a clever marketing ploy to signal to JPO visitors that their stores are the crowd puller.

Pak Idrus said...

wannordin wanhussin, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting. That was our first time so it was not possible for us to visit all the outlets. Anyway I like the place and did enjoy the fours there. We did creates some damage though but happy with it.

I like the way the discount was given, like if one buy more than one an additional 15% was given. It does made one happy. Shopping to me is not just about buying goods and services but it about enjoying the time spend in doing so.

As for the Queuing I think it a good idea and not just a ploy. I went to one outlets where there was no crowd control, it was like a madhouse and it smell of sweats. So I think it is wise to have crowd control so that one could shop in a better environment.

We would be going there again in due course.

Have a nice day.