Monday, December 30, 2013

A happening in Johor Bharu....

After having a great time at the Johor Premium Outlets and created some damage there we proceed to Johor Bharu. We arrived at just after six in the evening and check in at a new hotel at Permas Jaya; the Renaissance. After a good shower and a short rest our son in law took us on a ride out of the hotel to look for the Seafood village nearby. After a while we found a Malay village with a mosque and a sea front with rows and rows of eateries that sell nothing else but seafood. The place was already thronging with folks having dinner. Been the first time there, we just browse along and eventually found a table that could accommodate the whole family of seven. The eatery is on the coast of the straits of Tebrau facing the island of Singapore.

We ordered dinner of various kinds of seafood and white rice and then enjoy the scene as we wait for our meals to arrive. It was really nice to sit there and enjoy the cool breeze and the smell of the sea. Yonder glittering with lights is the the coastal area of the northern part of Singapore that most Malaysian call the Dot down there. It was a magical scene of glittering sea and some small boats tied at the jetty nearby turning it into a picturesque sight indeed.  I love watching such scene since it remind me of my childhood growing up at the coastal town of Kuantan. It parts of my culture of growing up thus such scene especially the sea always refreshes me.

Nearby a man was busking with sweet melody of oldies that was pleasing to the ears. I give a Ringgit to my young grandson to put into the basket in front of the busker. Later on I went to talk to him and drop a few more Ringgit into his basket. I love watching busker doing their show. It creates a musical environment of its own kind, an enjoyable sight to enjoy and wonder. I took a few snap of the man busking in the dark corner of the eating stalls and thanks him for the good show.

Soon our order of seafood arrive plates after plates and placed on the table. We thoughts that we had order too much but after enjoying the meals found that it was just right for the food was tasty, fresh and delicious. When the bill arrives we found to our amazement it does not cost much, just less than RM250.00 for a dinner of seven people. We were happy with the quality of the dinner and the price we had to pay. In Kuala Lumpur it would have cost double that. We then went back to the hotel for a complete rest after the long trip from Kuala Lumpur; the four hours adventure at the Johor Premium Outlets ending a yet another beautiful day.

 I then took a moment to call a long-time friend who lives in Johor Bharu, he was excited and would come over the next morning to see me. Just before that I wrote a message to a Facebook friend and told him that I am in Johor Bharu and that it would be great if he could join me for breakfast the next morning. We had been friend on Facebook but as yet to meet. The reply was positive and that he would take the time to come over and join me for breakfast the next morning. So at the breakfast at the hotel I met Harold Angus in person, completing a friendship made in cyberspace to the real world; now a stranger no more. We sat to enjoy the breakfast and chat on various subjects that come to our mine. I then introduce him to the family who were enjoying their breakfast at another table. Later on my spouse came over and joints the chat at our table. While in the midst of the breakfast I remember the other person who was to be here this morning. He was one of my officers when I was working in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. Like me he has since retired and now lives in Johor Bharu. I call him on his cell phone and found that he has already arrived at the lobby but did not want to join me for breakfast for health reason. He would just wait and meet me after we are done with the breakfast. After finishing our breakfast the four of us; my spouse, Harold Angus, Md.Nor Jabar and I set at the lobby and continue our chat. It was really nice to get to meet Md.Nor Jabar again after a lapse of some 20 over years. And meeting for the first time Harold Angus; a story of friendship from cyberspace to the real world. After a while and since they both had other business to attend to we parted with a promise to meet again. The meeting of both of them does made my day.

Have a nice day.


Al-Manar said...

I envy you, Paskidrus, having all that needs to be able to travel and enjoy. Happy new year

Pak Idrus said...

Al-Manar, thanks Pokcik Hassan for the visit and the good words. Well in those days we take the kids for holiday and now it the other way around; it the kids that take us on a holiday. So we enjoy lah.

Have a nice day.