Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Of the date 11-12-13...

Well someone mentioned on Facebook that today December 11, 2013 is a special day. It is 11-12-13 and that it only happened once in 823 years. Well it is not always we get these numbers coming along like that. When I was in school there was a date that I remember well indeed. It was May 5, 1955 and we wrote happily in our excise book as 5-5-55.  Well it was one of those days in our lives and could easily be remembered. I was then fifteen years old and was in Form three and still enjoying my schools days oblivious of the happening in the real world. In 1957 I took the most important examination in my school life and that was the Cambridge School Certificate. In 1958 with the Form V certificate I start to work in the government service as a clerk. In those days not many talk about going to the university so it was natural that kids like us went to work eager to start making money on our own. That folks start my journey of life as an adult. 

Have a nice day.

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