Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rambling 3.1...

Good Morning folks, it is a beautiful day in March. The sun is shining bright with white clouds scattered up above. I thought for today I just ramble whatever I am thinking now. One of it is about  about paying bills. Yes the bill that we pay every month to keep our home running. It cost me not less than RM800.00 a month to pay all my bills. Yesterday I went to the TM Point at Ampang Point and paid it all. Just imagine for my house alone it cost that amount. Without that kind of money my house would be dark without electricity, no running water, no Astro[Paid TV], no Unifi[Broadband], no Phone, no Cellphone and life would be just unbearable; what with the weather now. It is always hot and humid and air conditioning looks like has become a norm rather than a luxury likes before. In the forties of the twentieth century when I was growing up in a Kampong [village] in Kuantan there was no bills at all to pay. Water was from the well, we did not have electricity, no running water, and telephone was a luxury that no one could afford. Life was simple and folks get on with their lives as usual without thinking about paying utilities bills. Money was only for buying foods and clothing but now it looks like the money we need is more for paying bills other that for foods and clothing. I walk to school to and fro everyday so it is free too. If it rain we would cut the huge leaves of the Yam plant and use it as umbrella since we just could not afford to buy one but it was all right and looking back it was fun too. I had only one pair of shoe and that was used for schooling only; once back home we would either use a clog or just barefooted. Computer, Radio or TV was unheard of and for game we invented out kind of games like Hide and Seek, Playing Marble and whatever that we could play around. An old bicycle wheel without the tire would be a toy to play around the house. What is needed is a long stick and it kept the wheel running. It was fun. Come the monsoon we would enjoy the rain. At weekend as we get older we would go camping in the bush or near the beach. Telok Cempedak a beautiful bay beside the sea which was still jungle then was one of our favourite camping grounds. We all had fun and most of the time money was not part of the equation. Folk’s life was like that and looking back it was indeed an enjoyable time of our growing up period. 

Have a nice day.


Pak Zawi said...

Quite a lot of bill for a house where only two persons reside. I guess air conditioning takes up the bulk of it.

Pak Idrus said...

Pak Zawi thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Yes my electricity bill is about half of that amount since other than the air condition almost all the Kitchen Utensils use electricity and that including drying my cloth using a dryer.

Well it is time to enjoy life thus I use what I like to improved our quality of living.

Have a nice day.