Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It the raining season again and I love the rain. From now till January next year the North East Monsoon hit the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Some of the rain would spill over the main-range and the Kelang Valley where I live would be raining as well.  I am from Kuantan a town on the east coast, the capital of the state of Pahang. I grew up there and always enjoy the coming of the rain during the monsoon season; it’s sort of our winter on the east coast. During that period it would rain cat and dog, at time with shower and lighting. The wind would be very strong along the coastal area and it is not advisable for the fisherman to go into the open sea to fish. At the same time the beaches became unsafe to swim. To us kids who grew up in the kampong during the forties the monsoon is always waited anxiously where we would play and bathe in the rain. The drain would be flooded but in those days where developments were not that large the flooded area would not be for long. In a way it is good for the land since flood water always bring with it nutrition for the plants thus kept the plants and the flora and fauna in abundant. The rain brought down the temperature where at time the coconut oils would solidify. Kids going to school at that time would have to wear sweater to keep warm. In those days there were no electricity and house does not have fan so it is during this period that the interior of the house became cold. One had to use thick blanket to sleep at that time. It was really nice to sleep when it rain. The rain always brought the smell of freshness and a cool environment unlike the other months when the temperature would be hot and humid. Yes I love the rain.
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