Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Of UPSR and Adibah...

It was a beautiful Monday in November. The grand kids are enjoying their end of the year school holiday. Since their maid has going back to Indonesia there was no one at home after their Mon and dad has gone to work. So their parents would send them to our house and would pick them up again in the evening. I was out when they arrived this morning and when I got home I found Adibah was not there and ask where she has gone. I am told that she has followed her dad to school to collect her UPSR [Final examination in the Primary School] result. After a while she came back smiling and grandma asks here about the examination result and she said that she got 5 A. I congratulate her and give a big hug of happiness. So next year she would be in the Secondary school; a big girl now. Two of her elder sisters are already in college while her elder brother Anwar is now in Form Four. That means Anwar would be in Form V next year and would be sitting for her SPM [The final examination of the Secondary school] and the most important examination in our school system. After that would be college education. Little Azib the youngest among them would be in standard five next year. It looks like all the grand kids are doing great in their education and we are really happy about it. For grandma and I always believe their future is in getting a good education and glad that they are doing great. Image above shows Adibah receiving a certificate after the trial examination at her school recently.

Have a nice day.


Aziela said...

Congratulations to Adibah and the entire family, Pak Idrus.

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Well done, Adibah! All your children and grandchildren are so intelligent, compassionate and helpful, Pak Idrus and Makcik. You should be very proud! I am also exceptionally happy for Adibah because she is kind to animals, heh heh. :)

Pak Idrus said...

Aziela, thanks for the visit and the good words on the subject of this posting as well the greeting to Adibab on her achievement.

Yes we are indeed glad too.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

~CovertOperations78~ Ee Lynn thanks for the visit and the good words on the subject of this posting.

We are glad that the kids and now the grand kids are doing well in the education and we share the joy of their achievement.

Like you all our kids and grand kids love animals and always kind to it and we are indeed glad that they do.

Have a nice day.

sheela said...

Please convey our heartiest congrats to your dearest Adibah! My Abilash also managed to do the same with God's grace.

Sheela Jayaraj

Pak Idrus said...

sheela, thanks for the visit and the good words.

Have a nice day and take care.