Monday, July 09, 2012

Rambling again...

I am tired, the reason been many. One, age is catching up but been me whose mind is always active and can never keep quiet, I am always into doing something to fill up my times. Last few weeks have been full of activities. One of which was that our youngest daughter is moving out to live in a new home that she just bought. With that I offer to help in some small way in doing handiwork at the new place. I am happy to help for I love DIY and enjoy spending my time doing the little works like fixing curtain rails, fixing new lamps for the house lighting and doing a new garden at her place. I love to get all the works done like a professional. So I do it slowly the way I like best. At time simple works like fixing the railing for the curtain takes me two days but I do enjoy doing it. She had ask me to create a garden for her at the balcony and yesterday I spend the whole afternoon doing it and I am happy with the result. Image above shows the mini-garden at the balcony.

Last Sunday we went to our Malacca condo to take most of the furniture and electric appliance that are hardly used there and transfer it to our daughter new home. That take much works like disassembling the items, packing it and got a lorry to transport it to KL. When all those items arrived in KL it has to be sorted out. Some I give to relative since our daughter does not need it.  We were happy to give it way since we already got such items and it would be a waste to left it in storage.  

Then I decided to redo my own rooms to give it a new look. The books had to be taken out since I am replacing the bookcase with a new one which I had bought sometimes ago and been use to put our daughter books. Now that she is moving out and taking all her books, the wooden bookcase is empty and now I could put some of my books there. Anyone who has books knows pretty well that it is not that easy to rearrange all those books again but it had to be done. I am taking my time to organize the books now, would do it slowly at my own pace. 

I have already decided to give away all the old books especially novels that I had read. I had call a friends and she say that she is willing to help to take the books and send it to some charity NGO for fund-raising events. I told her that once I have sort out all the books I would call her to come and collect it. 

At our youngest daughter new place there is a huge Swimming pool. Image above shows part of the Swimming Pool. Since I love to swim I am now making it my regular place of swimming. It is one of the best ways of keeping my faculty healthy at this age. Besides it is a relaxing way of doing exercise and enjoying it. I have always love swimming for I grew up near the sea where I would go on the weekend to swim. Now with this Swimming Pool which is close to our home I would make it my regular swimming place. Yesterday afternoon after getting the minigarden done at the balcony I went to have a swim and felt really good. 

Have a nice day.


Al-Manar said...

So you are tired, sir. And one reason is age. Ha, Ha. That makes two of us. You go swimming. My swimming pool is the whole ocean and I am scared of the waves - because I am old - not just getting there, I am there.

All the best to you and family. Stay young at heart, at least,, as I do.

Pak Idrus said...

Al-Manar, thanks for the visit and the kind words. Well I believe there are many like us who are tired but active.

As for swimming how I wished that I live beside the sea like you. I would put a wakaf near the beach and would while my time reading or daydream and of course dip into the warm sea to refreshes myself.

Best to your family too and will stay young at heart always.

Take care.

Aziela said...

As Salam Pak Idrus. I come across this blog while searching for East Grill's menu from google. Please allow me to be your follower. I would like to learn more from you especially the aspects of writing blogs in English.

Pak Idrus said...

Aziela, thanks for the visit, the greeting as well as the good words on my kind of blogging. Your visit is most welcome and I do appreciate it.

At this age I felt that the best way to contribute to society is by sharing my thoughts, thus I blog. I love to write and in blogging I get the opportunity to write. My other hobby is photography and blogging allows me to share those images that I took too.

I am glad that you found my blog and would be honored if you continue to follow it.

Have a nice day.

Temuk said...

Hi Pak Idrus
So, you have less people in your house now? It is probably one of those sad episodes in our life when our boys and girls begin to leave us to live on their own. Then we begin to realize even more that we are not actually pengantin baru, although there might be "just two of us now".... but aging pengantin lama. However, I agree that if we stay young at heart, we should be able to lead a relatively productive life. Insya Allah.

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan mulia & menjalani ibadah puasa.

Pak Idrus said...

Temuk, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting. Well that is life and now it look like we are back to where we begin when we started the family, the two of us but since the kids live not that faraway they all always come over from time to time and tak lah sunyi dan pilu sanggat. It is good that they are on their own so that they may experience the true meaning of living.i.e. of How high the sky and how deep the ocean is.

Salamat berpuasa to you too. Take care.