Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Of Swiss Food @ Arab Street, Singapore....

Well folks after an overdosed of Biayni at two restaurants at Arab Street we decided to try something different. Our daughter who had live and work in Singapore for four years quip that we should try the Swiss restaurant at the end of the street. That sound great to me so we decided that we should go there and try what they have. She has been there before and told us the food is good. So without much ado we set our mind to enjoy our dinner there. We arrived at the Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro and found it to be of a different setting with the rest of the other eating places around it. I thought it was a clever idea to create space using the concept of white with large glass windows. Its simple yet elegant. It gives a fresh and clean look, thus creating a peaceful atmosphere for one to enjoy their food in tranquility. I felt at home and like the place.

We placed our orders and then set to admire the deco of this Swiss restaurant that seems out of place in this part of the city and yet it has managed to be part of it. It has indeed blended well with the other traditional eating places there. It boasts of halal Swedish foods. 

Our orders came served by polite and friendly staffs which is rather rare now. More often food is just laid on the table without even a smile. That to me is a plus sign to this restaurant. As seen on the image on the left the foods does taste as great as it look. As we were about to finished eating chef Iskandar came out of the kitchen clapping his hand for reason only known to him. He came over to our table and we chat and joke about dining.  I told him that we like the place and did enjoy the foods. 

On hearing the good words he decided to offer a complimentary dessert which tastes excellent. We later met the Assistant Manager Hairul Ameer.  Personally I found Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro is well located amid the traditional restaurants that one get at this corner of Singapore. It does add color to the spreads of foods that one could enjoy at  Kampong Glam.

With that fine dine at Fika we took a stroll along Haji Lane and watch that place warmed up to their business into the late night. I could see some folks already enjoying their evening on the side cafe. I thought that it is indeed a good idea to allow other form of business activities on the roads comes evening. The space of  which would otherwise be left to wastes come night. We then took a taxi to the Marina Bay Sands to watch and enjoy the water display there; an enjoyable evening indeed.

Have a nice day.


Temuk said...

Pak Idrus
I must look for that Swiss restaurant & chef Iskandar, and tell him the food is "superb". Then, I'll get "two" plates of complimentary dessert!

Alahai, bilalah nak sampai ke Singapura yang sudah puluhan tahun tak dikunjungi.

Pak Idrus said...

Temuk, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Just tell them that you are my friend and show them this posting. I am sure they would give you double dessert free with your dinner or lunch.

Well Singapore is just a five hours drive from KL. So just get into you car and drive on and get into Singapore via the Second Link. Stay at the hotel at Arab Street and enjoy the foods.

Have a nice day.