Sunday, July 22, 2012

Of Foods @ Arab Street, Singapore.

Arab Street Singapore is a food heaven if you love Biayni or any foods that are of Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines. These food culture were brought to this part of Singapore by the early Arab and Indian settlers at Kampong Glam. The cuisine is spicy and may look alike but more often than not it does taste different. Even the Prata [Roti Canai] comes in various filling and sizes.

At the end of Jalan Pisang there is a Malay restaurant [Hjh Maimunah] that one must try where a combination of many traditional Malay cuisine are served. We did frequent it many times before and found it to be splendid. It is indeed one of a kind. Comes lunch the place would be throng with folks enjoying their foods careless of the crowded surrounding where one had to squeeze around just to get a comfortable seat. [the image on the left is taken from the Internet.]

This time we did not go for the Malay food but instead tried the Biayni in two restaurants one of which is a restaurant call islamic. In both places the Biayni Lamb tastes great and worth a repeat. 

Come evening Haji Lane comes alive and became sort of an outdoor cafe serving various kinds of foods and drinks. It look like a Lepak place for Singaporean and foreigners alike to while the evening away. After coming back from watching the show at Marina Sands bay we went to have a drink and some snack there. The place was already thronging with folks enjoying their evening with friends. We sat to enjoy the drink and while the time away in this corner of Singapore.

Well folks we like the places since it is near to the hotel that we were staying and would if time allow be here again to enjoy the hospitality of folks at the Dot down there.

Have a nice day.

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