Thursday, April 15, 2010

The ritual of cooking...

Obviously we all love food and like you I too love to eat. To me one must enjoy whatever one do and that includes cooking and eating. I love to cook too but since my spouse has taken over that part of getting the foods on the table, I would just help in the cleaning up of the mess that are often made when one cook. Personally I do not like to see my kitchen in a mess or untidy. So every time there are plates or other utensils that are used for cooking left in the sink while my spouse doing the cooking, I would just washed it. That would make everyone especially me happy.

Well, in cooking one had to prepare the A too Z of it so that the process of cooking would go on smoothly. That is what a good chef did all the time; everything must be ready for that adventure into cooking. The process of turning vegetable, fish, poultry or meat into a great dish might look easy but it is not; for to turn the cooking into a culinary heaven one must have the patience and the skill of the ritual of cooking.

It is often said that mom cooking always taste better. The reason is simple for mom always cooks with love. So if you want your cooking taste like mom's then sprinkle your cooking with Love. It is only with the skills plus love that one could turn out sumptuous meals at the end of the process of cooking.

Have a nice day.


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Salam, Pak Idrus! All food prepared with love tastes special. When I was very young, my father would make us telur rebus separuh masak for breakfast before we went to kindergarten or school. No boiled egg ever tasted the same as his. Later I learned that the magic ingredient is LOVE. My mother's cooking tak payah cakaplah.... AWESOME. It's probably the only thing I miss as a vegetarian now -- being able to eat her laksa, nasi dagang etc. But there are vegetarian alternatives for almost everything now, including sambal belacan, so that is a blessing indeed. You and Makcik prepare such awesome food too! Raya at your house -- everything was prepared with such love and care. Even sitting on your patio felt special.

Pak Idrus said...

~Covert_Operations'78~, Ee Lynn thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

True what you have narrated, it is love that your dad sprinkled on the eggs every morning that made if so very special. As a lover of half boiled eggs that has been my daily breakfast ever since I know for sure that it taste great when it is prepared with love.

As for vegetarian food, it is as good as any food. A group of student who was studying environmental science at Yale with my daughter are now vegetarian and they do have perfect reasons to be so.

MacCik love to cook so all her dishes are good and it getting better everyday. Hope to see you again the next Hari Raya.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

Folks, these are comments made at Facebook on this posting:-

Adib Noh
I also love to eat, but every time I want to get involved in cooking ,my wife told off.She still remembers that I messed up her kitchen some years back.So,I just do what a man got to do..

Thamrong สมชาย ธำรง
Agree...that's why she used to say a monkey in the kitchen is worst then 2 on the tree.

Yati Harvey
Very true Pak Idrus, there must be love involved. Otherwise the cooking process becomes another chore and all the fun is missing. Have a nice day to you too.

Azimah Othman
The kitchen is for multi-tasking individuals only. Would prefer others to clear off or clearup

Idrus Abu Bakar
Folks, OK, OK the kitchen is her Department and she is the COO of this very important department especially in the contact of our culture. We respect that social contract but like all social contract it has to be implemented with grace and understanding. It is the aura of Love in that department that create harmony in the family. Madam carry on. I love to eat!

Thamrong สมชาย ธำรง
I hate the cleaning part destroys my expensive manicure.

Idrus Abu Bakar
Thamrong, You cannot have both world. Got to live with it and just enjoy life. BTW how the Cigar factor going!

Thamrong สมชาย ธำรง
I had MontiCristo #4 after a long quarantine by Azimah. Sempat jengah 'The Border' untuk survey aje..