Friday, October 02, 2009

Of relatives and Raya...

Well folks it was an enjoyable week. It all began with the Open House on the first day of the Eid Fitr. The Open House was a success and I am glad that everyone did enjoy themselves. I thought after that hectic and enjoyable event on the first day of Hari Raya I would take a rest but then relatives start coming in droves and we had to continue playing host for the Raya visit. In the tradition of the Eid Fitr the Hari Raya is celebrated for the whole month from the first day of the Eid Fitr. So it is normal for friends and relatives to visit Muslim home at any day of the month. It is during this month that one could visit friends and relatives without an invitation. All are welcome is the culture of the month.

During the whole period of last week except for a lull of a day the guests kept streaming, mostly of close relatives; nephews and nieces which I had not seen, some for more then a year. Now they came in full force with their adult kids and new addition to the family. A wonderful aspect about the present living style is that they did inform us of their coming via SMS; the wonder of the cell phone. That set in motion a communication channel that made its easy to know how many are coming to the house. For after the Open House we did not prepare much food except the usual Raya cakes and cookies that was made especially for the Eid Fitri. And as usual we still have plenty of it. But it is not the same as serving heavy food the Malaysian style of entertaining guests. When I knew how many are coming my spouse and I would work out of what best to serve them. Among the choice are Nasi Lemak and Mee Goreng which are easy to prepare. Thus for those who came after the Open House the menu would be just that simple.

One group after another of the relatives kept arriving and by Sunday most of those who live in and around Kuala Lumpur had arrived. What a week it has been. We get to meet with so many relatives in just one week. It was good of them to made the visit and been the oldest of the family member, both grandma and I was delighted with the get together. The numbers of family’s members that came visiting this Raya was beyond expectation. It does become one of the many great moments in our lives, a beautiful moment indeed. The images here show some candid moments of those relatives at our home. Have a nice day. [Please click image to enlarge]


Temuk said...

Salam Pak Idrus
Wow, you must have been enjoying every minute of your "hari-hari raya" this year. Entah berapa puluh/ratus kilo makanan & minuman dihidang & dijamah! Alhamdulillah. Insya Allah, mudah memberi mudah terima balik, dariNya. You know what? I like your pyrex(?) plates etc. with the blue design. Dari UKkah tu?

Pak Idrus said...

Temuk, thanks for the visit and the good words on my kind of Hari Raya gathering.

Yes, it was sort of hari hari raya thing. At this age it was a welcome event indeed to see so many relatives come visiting. In today's living culture it is not easy for folks to make a visit and the wonder of raya made it possible. That is why this once a year festival is so very important and welcome especially so for folk in their golden age like us, the grandma and grandpa or grand auntie/uncle.

I have decided that the golden age is the time of giving and it does made me happy to give whatever I could, my thoughts through blogging and anything that are possible, the raya Open House and the event that I had describe in this posting and once a while kenduri for folks around the community. That is life that I am enjoying it now.

As for that plates the one with the fork and spoon; it is not a Pyrex. It is a Corelle that we bought while living in the US some years ago. Indeed a piece of china that so versatile and great to use for all functions. I am glad that you like it. We love it too.

Hope to get to me you in due course. Have a nice day and take care.

Al-Manar said...

Pak Idrus

Tak habis berhari raya lagi? Tentu banyak betul kueh mueh.
Salaam mesra

Temuk said...

Oops ... sorry. I was actually referring to the 3 casseroles (?) filled with lauk, in your Sept 23 posting. Those that were infront of the gentleman in blue & the young boy in yellowish green baju. Also the small plate used by the amoy in black T-shirt. Saya sangat suka benda2 pinggan mangkuk ni, Pak Idrus. Juga kitchen gadgets. Corelle memang cantik, ringan & tahan. Harga saja tak cantik, berat & tak tahan!! Salam.

Pak Idrus said...

Al-Manar, thanks for the visit. Well at this age what better gift at Hari Raya then the visit from relatives from near and afar. It is just like the saying 'orang mengantuk disorong bantal'

Actually the visit of so many loved one made my spouse and I so happy beyond imagination. Never mind we are tired but it was indeed a wonderful togetherness of families. In a way it is sort of a 'menumpang kasih. Indeed a beautiful episode in the golden age.

Have a nice day and take care.

Pak Idrus said...

Temuk, thanks for the return visit.

Yes those are Pyrex indeed, a collection of my spouse. We love that collection and indeed a very useful container for all occasion. Like you we too love all those beautiful work of art made for fine living and from time to time got some new one too.

As for Corelle, it is very cheap in the US and we got it there. Anyway we managed to get a few set to take home after a year of stay in Boston.

Have a nice day.

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Salam, Pak Idrus! Isn't it nice to have friends and family dropping by whenever they feel like it? That means we all feel very welcome and very accepted in your home. The practice of 'just dropping by' is an Asian tradition that we should not allow to die out. In the West, friends and family don't just stop by without an invitation. I find it sad. Like you and Makcik Asmah, I like being hospitable and I think having friends and conversation and laughter in one's home gives it a very positive energy. Your relatives could have just brought food to share, though, so it's less trouble on the hostess! Makan sama-sama, what could be better?

Pak Idrus said...

~Covert_Operations'78~, Ee Lynn Thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Yes you are right in our culture one need not inform to make a visit. Even if you just ring the door bell unexpected you are welcome. It has been that way and like you I am trying to preserved that beautiful part of our culture. The meeting, the talks, the yarn and the usual smile would made life so very wonderful.

Now with technology it made it easy to communicate, just an SMS would made it easy to do some preparation. Remember in our culture guests are alway served with food and drinks. Anyway if one just pop up, we just served whatever we have got and enjoy those moment.

Ee Lynn at this age getting visit from relatives and friends are indeed welcome. In the golden years getting to meet with folks is indeed a blessed.

Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

Hi, Pak Long...
thanks for the warm welcome the other day.. we really enjoy it.. the nasi lemak and fried mee was very muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaahhh!!! =)

Sharifah said...

Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family, Pak Idrus. I've enjoyed reading all your posts about Hari Raya. You and your wife have a beautiful, welcoming home.

Pak Idrus said...

yoravee, Nora thanks for the visit and the good words on that raya visit.

We are indeed happy to see you and yours kids at our home on that auspicious day.

Do come again and Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

Sharifah, thanks for the visit and the raya greeting as well the good words on the Hari Raya posting. Glad that you enjoy reading it.

As you know blogging give me the opportunity to share the great moment in our golden age especially with close friends and relatives.

As for our home, both my spouse love having a space to enjoy living in our golden age, thus the home is always given a happy look every times.

Have a nice day.