Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Miss Telecom of Yesteryears...

It has been an eventful weeks. Starting from the Eid Fitr Open House there was streams of visitors to the house. As couple who love to party since our youth, these happenings has been one happy moments for both us. My spouse and I love it. To top it all my spouse decided to organized a get together last Thursday October 15, 2009 of her colleagues while she was working with Telecom Malaysia years ago.

In the fifties and the sixties these girls are the darling of the Telecom Department. The girls that made the Telco tick before the introduction of automation, electronic and the cell phone where all calls had to go through a human interface. Without them it was not be possible to make a call. There was no automation then so they are the part of the system that made possible all the million of calls that are made days by days. Now with automation and electronic their services are limited to special function only. They had served the service well indeed and today all those girls are in their golden age and enjoying life. It was a culture then that there would be a Miss Telecom Pageant where the Miss Telecom of the year would be selected. We would attend this Dance and Dinner function and enjoy the night of fun and splendor of an era gone by. Now things have changed and we no longer hear of such event. How sad. We all did have a great time then but time has change and now it is just history.

So on that special Thursday at our home a numbers of them attend the invitation from my spouse for the lunch. It was to some a meeting after twenty years. Some was the Miss Telecom of yesteryear. What a gathering of ladies it was. I was the only thorn among the roses, until the spouse of two of them arrived, one is one of my cousin and the other is a General; the retired Chief of the Malaysian Arm Force, a close friend of ours from our youth.

I am sharing here the images of those folks who were at our home on that special day. In those days they are dressed differently and not as what you see now. The fashion was different then but with changing cultural influences the fashion of dressing has change too. They were gorgeous then and now in their golden age they still look as great. Gorgeous as ever. Have a nice day.


~CovertOperations78~ said...

What a lovely gathering it was, Pak Idrus and Makcik! Such wonderful memories, I am sure it made all of you feel nostalgic. I can imagine all the ladies being pretty young things when they joined, and now they have grandchildren already. Still beautiful with the passage of time. We must treasure whatever time we have with our loved ones and friends. Life is too short for regrets.

P/S: Pak Idrus should share photos of the ladies when they were young and partying heartily away!

Pak Idrus said...

~Covert_Operations'78~, Ee Lynn thanks for the visit and the good words on the subject of this posting.

Yes indeed everyone had a great time albeit a nostalgic one. Our generation was lucky where we are free to choose our life style and enjoy life. Now they want the Malay especially to conform to their kind of living style but I believe it would be short live and things would change as we progress. That is why I kept saying that we all must enjoy life. My spouse and I did had a great time all the years and continue to do so now.

Yes I would look for those old picture and do a posting in due course.

In the meantime do enjoy life. take care.

svllee said...

Hi Pak Idrus, it must have been great to gather everyone and talk about the good ol' days. It would be nice to see some of the old black n white photos of their work environment.

Pak Idrus said...

svllee, Steven thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting. OH yes we did had a great time that day.

I am trying to sort out the old photos and would do a followup posting of this subject later.

Have a nice day.