Friday, August 21, 2009

Wonderland @ Janda Baik...

Just after eleven on Saturday morning we arrived at the farm of a family member; a retreat that I call Janda Baik. Situated beside a flowing river on one side and the green hills on the other side with lush greens everywhere one look; it does made an ideal place to spend the weekend away from the hustle bustle of city life. We was there last weekend to attend a family retreat of sort and had a picnic lunch with the other members of the family. A joyous day indeed.

Since it is not always that I get to this place where that are greens everywhere I decided to be more adventurous this time by getting lost in the bushes and do some photography of the floral and fauna. I took a slow walk around the bushes alongside the riverbank and feast my eyes with the wonder of nature that are aplenty everywhere I look. The tree roots, the bark of old trees, the creeper plants, the flying insects, the resilience bamboo trees, the ants and all kinds of floral and fauna are everywhere, simply countless. Then there is that thunderous roar of the river that kept reminding me to take a peep to see if there are any butterfly that often settled to drink on the sandy shore of the river or just to watch dragonfly playing its usual dance above those running water. The more I look around the more I began to notice things of beauty in nature's paradise. The bushes seem to glow with colorful leaves and flowers, turning the greens of the bushes into a kaleidoscope of colors. At this juncture the jungle is no longer neutral.

There are so many objects that one would want to photographs, so as not be taken up with so much confusing ideas that start building in my mind, I just let things goes and did not take any snap at that time, instead took the times to digest all the information as how best I could capture all those wonderful objects that seem to be everywhere I look. Mesmerized! I soon got lost of times. The whole area soon began to turn into a wonderland of sort in my mind. I was having fun and enjoying every seconds in that paradise. That peace and tranquility was soon disrupted by the noise of more cars arriving that brought me back to the real world, a different kind of world then the one that I had just been to. Getting out of the brief spell I walk out of the bushes to meet the others who had arrived for the get together.

As a Boy Scout during my school days I learned to watch nature at its best and this morning the whole area around the farm was mine to wander since the others has yet to arrived for that lunch get together. At a glance one would not notice much since in a way the jungle is always neutrals, everything seem to look green. But if one take a closer look especially with a camera one would see another world out there. A wonderland full of colors and activities. A fascinating world indeed. I brought my Macro Lens with me and managed to snaps many objects of beauty such as wild fruits, creeper plants, mushrooms, small flying insects, the decaying leaves and many other floral and fauna and of course the always busy ants that are everywhere. The more I look the more interesting the surrounding became, the old barks of the trees with parasite plants attached to it turning the dull gray color into a fresh look, so refreshing. After a while even the grass that I walked on began to shows its beauty in a multitude of colors as shown in the image above. Folks it was magic all over and I did enjoy that silence walk in the wonderland of nature with my camera. Have a nice day. [Please click on image to enlarge]

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