Thursday, August 06, 2009

Just to remind....

Folks the haze is getting worst and no one is telling of the how and why that happens. Folks are getting sick, made worst by the H1N1 flu. When we first move to Ampang Jaya in 1974 the place was full of greens and the weather was beautiful. In the morning there would be mist all over and the weather was cool, where at time we had to put on a sweater. Now it is different where once there was the freshness of the mist; now the haze, although it look like the mist makes living rather uncomfortable. It rain for a while yesterday but it look like it has no effect on the weather, the haze has not gone, so folks it is best that we stay indoor as much as possible. The only way we could stay healthy. To balance that bleak news of our weather I am posting a green that grow in our front garden, the leaves of the wonderful plant, banana. Hope that it would bring some relieves to our hazy thinking. Have a nice day.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

the downpour yesterday was a Godsend, Pak Idrus. the rain cleared off some of the worsening haze, albeit a little. now its back to torment us. and yes, with the H1N1 spreading, i dont see the situation to improve anytime soon.

sigh... said...

Pak Idrus,
It's must be frustrated when nobody steps forward, even the Environmental Department to come up with some explanation. What are those people doing, daze and confuse?
Having banana trees in your yard is an excellent choice.

Pak Idrus said...

Kerp (Ph.D), thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

It was really good to get that rain but it look like the haze is stronger, thus it is still there with a vengeance. I just do not understand why the government is not doing anything to put this haze to an end. Blaming it on the burning in a neighbor country is not a solution. The burning has been going on for thousand of years and it has no effect our environment in the past so why is it happening now. Surely there are other reasons of why the haze is here every year. We all need to know that.

Anyway do have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said..., Ana or it should be Siti, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting especially on the haze that is swiping the whole country now.

We are actually is the dark of why and how the haze happened and as I had said before one should not put the blame on the open burning since open burning has been going on for thousand of years and there was no such things as haze then, so why now?

Thanks again for the kind words on my gardening. That banana is indeed a wonder plant to have around.

Have a nice day.

Madame A said...

Pak Idrus, I get stuffy and irritated when there is haze in the air. I like planting greens too. I plant greens in pots and on the tiny plot of land that I have beside my porch in order to contribute to the oxygen in the environment. I believe however small our house is, a few pots of green plants (even three is good enough!) can make a beautiful sight and a healthy neighbourhood.

Pak Idrus said...

Madame A, thanks for the visit and sharing your thought on the subject of this posting.

We just cannot take things for granted since the power be it does not seem to understand the magnitude of the problem this Haze is to the health of Malaysian. They put the blame on open burning which to be is a rather lame excuse. As I had mentioned in above comments the open burning has been the culture of this region for thousand of years and there was no haze all those year, so why now.

Since the government is not doing anything it is for you and me to help solved this problem our ways, like what we are doing now. We need oxygen and the only way we and our family could get it fresh is by growing more green around the house. I did that, so are you. Like you said it need not be a large space. Mine is just about a hundred sq.feet and it works wonder and I believe you are too.

Have a nice day.