Friday, June 19, 2009

The Ants and the Orchid...

It is another hazy day. I sat here at the Kopitian table and trying to think as I write this. Fascinating of how the mind works. You must have a good environment for ideas to flow well and I found this place as one of the best place to sit and whilst my time or day dreams or flirt in my mind of all the possibilities and enjoying it. In front of me is my little garden of greens and a small fish pond with miniature waterfall. The sound of the water does take one away to distance places and indeed therapeutic. I am hoping the haze would be gone so that I may visit the newly open Public Park nearby. I think I have to wait for it would not be worth my whilst to be in the park with such an unhealthy environment. As I continue writing I could hear the Garbage truck passes by doing it duty to take away the trash that we folks had put in the trash bins. If it did not come then we all would have problems with the trash and that is not healthy either. It is lucky that our Local Council did a good job of collecting of the rubbish as we call it here, on a regular basis.

Yesterday I took some shots of some activities at the garden at the back of my house. This time I watch the ants through my Macro lens and saw what a fascinating happening that I normally do not notice with the naked eyes. The black ants as seen in the image here are running all over and doing sort of a ritual with the buds of the orchids. I was mesmerized and continue to look and enjoy the activities unfolded before my eyes. I am not sure what the ants were doing since it is just buds and no flowers as yet. In my previous encounter I found that without the ants the buds would not bloom into the Orchids. So here we see two species doing things for it mutual interest. The ants get maybe some food while the buds get some nutrition/booster to get going as it grows into flowers. That is what I thought and I hope those with scientific knowledge could elaborate further of what this ritual is all about. Anyway while the activities are going on I took a numbers of shots and am sharing it here for all to enjoy. Have a nice day.[click the image to enlarge]


Pokku said...

You are definitely getting the hang of the Macro lens. Well done!

Liz said...

Wah Pak Idrus, so nice... I always wanted to take a shot of ants in the forest floor, when ever I went for my climbing but to my dismay, I couldn't capture it's real shape and details. Having macro lens does help, it seemed.

I envy you now, Pak Idrus. But love all your sharing. It really grabs my interest, this thing, macro lens (:

Pak Idrus said...

Pokku,thanks for the visit and the good words on my kind of Macro Photography. Learning along the way and am enjoying it.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

Liza, thanks for the visit and the kind words on this posting. Yes Macro Photography is a new dimension in photography and you see another world at closeup via the macro lens.

To start you have to get a DSLR camera. The ordinary digital could not do it. After that you have to get the Macro lens which cost about the the same as the camera itself. So it quite an investment in a hobby.

After getting encouragement from friends and reading about it I decide to invest in this venture. I am glad I did and am enjoying going into Macro Photography.

Well Liza nothing venture nothing gain.

Have a nice day.

mekyam said...


you sound like alice in wonderland... journeying into another world. ;D

Pak Idrus said...

mekyam, thanks for the visit and the kind words on this posting and Me.

Well when one have all the time in the world, what else does one do but wonder!!!. That child in us is ever ready to explore. And I and enjoying it. Glad that you enjoy it as well.

Have a nice day and take care.