Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When Blogger meet...

It was an ordinary Friday; I took its easy and enjoy the day. It is the weekend but then I am not a working man anymore when one always looks for the weekend, so it was in fact like any other days, but it is a weekend anyway. My cell phone sounded ' You got message', so I just stop awhile and look at the message. It turns out to be an impromptu invitation from Matsalo a blogger I know. It is an invitation for a blogger meet at an eatery near the Curve in Damansara. I like it so I replied with thanks and start to think of joining the gang. It does not matter how many would come. To me meeting other blogger is going to be an interesting event where I would get the opportunity to put a face to all the blogger that I had met only in cyberspace. It is the meeting like this that put the final puzzle to the blogger that I had known. It would complete the picture. The next time I could picture who those blogger are when I met them in cyberspace. I know that it would surely be an explosive situation. So I made my decision to go to the meet the next day - Saturday April 5, 2008, the time from 1.00PM to 3.00PM. It is planned at a Nasi Kandar restaurant near Tesco.

Come Saturday I left my place at just after twelve in the afternoon and taking the usual route head for the Curve/Ikea. Arriving there just before one, parked my car at the basement of Ikea and then look at my cell phone for an SMS which I heard had just arrived while I was driving here. Looking at it, the message from Matsalo says that the venue has changed and that it is now at the Asam Pedas Restaurant, at the Curve court yard. I start looking for it and eventually found Matsalo and a group of blogger already there. I had not met Matsalo in person as yet. Shake hand with all of them and introduce myself. In fact they all seem to know who I am already. Well in cyberspace you somehow get to know the blogger you visit and now it is the time to put a face to it. I took the chance and soon get acquaintance with all. As usual with blogger we get into talking on whatever subject that cross our minds.

At the table that I was on, there are three young blogger of my children's generations; they are Kerp, Shah and Saiful whose charming other half sat opposite. She is non other then the Raden blogger. And later was join in by Pok ku, a veteran like me. These young blogger were articulate and full of ideas and information of the current event especially that of the happening in the political scene. From the look of it they are sort of super charged with knowledge and wisdom. That made me real proud of the present generation, the generation of my children. We talk as thought we have known each other for a long time, although this is the first time we have had ever met. They listen attentively and spoke their mind whenever they find that it is relevant to the discussion. Frank and outright spoken and I like that, not hiding around the bush to put down your point. I am like that and with that kind of chemistry, the chat became lively and thoughts provoking. Those yang chaps, what a way to go, making this Saturday a day to be reckon with, at least for us blogger.

As we chat, Pok ku, Tokasid, MM, Elviza, and the rest start to arrived. It was just like a family gathering of relatives that we had once lost contact. Soon everyone start to chats and it goes on and on in between sipping our drinks. And then stop to order for lunch. And then the chats continue and most of the time on the subjects of the result of the election and the changing political scenario.

Soon the Blogger that turn Politician arrived. Eli Wong who quantum leaped from a social activist/blogger to winning a State seat in Selangor and then got made an Exco of the Selangor States Assembly. After going round to talk to all the blogger she came over to our table and then sat to chat we us. Well, we had met in cyberspace before and this is the first face to face meeting with the real Elizabeth Wong. As usual with me I took that opportunity to share my thoughts of what and how things should be done by the new government now that she is part of it. Mentioned to her to convey my best wishes to Anwar Ibrahim, the De facto leader of her Party, the PKR. Anwar and I was old friend from the early seventies when Anwar Ibrahim was then the President of Abim and later became the President of the Malaysian Youth Council. I told her that at time Anwar Ibrahim would join me for lunch at my home in Ampang Jaya. It was a friendship between a Youth Leader and an Officer of the Youth Division of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. He eventually became the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport and in 1985 He assigned me to the state of Terengganu, where I served for a year before been posted to the state of Sarawak in 1986 and served there as the Director of Culture, Youth and Sports for three and half years. Serving Sarawak soon became the best part of my career. Well we talk on many other subjects of interest that would help her as a state Assemblywoman in one of the most advance state, the State of Selangor, where I live now.

Later on Ancient Mariner, Jaflam came and then again the chats continue to be on politic and the recent election. This time among the elder blogger including Pok ku. Well, it is still a hot topic around, so the chat continues to be super charged with things Malaysian politic. Remember the New Media like SMS and blogging was some of the tools that help to make the change in the Malaysian political scene. Indeed a powerful tool in getting the message across to the rakyaat.

While all these excitements at the Curve were going along like there was no ending, the whole episode was blogcasted live by Zawi, a blogger from Pasir Mas, in Kelantan. What a way to go!. Blogsphere did it first again. Blogcasting live, so that those who did not get the opportunity to attend the get together know what is going on. Amazing that blogging had gone to such an extension in Malaysia, where some sources says that there are now some 500 thousand blogs, the highest number in this part of the world. Thanks to Zawi in Pasir Mas, blogger all over was updated of the happening at that Blogger Saturday lunch meet. List of all those who were there is in Zawi's blog. Go have a look. More images here Pok ku and here Clemfour. Have a nice day.[The last two images are from Matsalo]


Zawi said...

Pak Idrus,
Thanks for the promotion. No wonder traffic ran so high my way!
Great takes on the lunch meet. Though you all attended the same event and wrote about the same thing, the perspective is entirely different. All have something different to tell. Good job.
We have yet to hear from Mat Salo himself.

ismail said...

A'kum! Pak Idrus,

I have been following your blog for quite sometime. I do hope you still remember me.We were together during 1980s. I was then the pegawai tadbir (PSU 1)in charge of service matters. Later on, i was with Dato Mokhtar Hashim.

Hope to see you one day for teh tarik. I am still in KL at Cyberjaya U. Ok. salam to sis and your family members.

Ismail Mat

Pak Idrus said...

zawi, thanks for the visit and the kind words on this posting.

Indeed it was a great event for blogger. As usual I blog the event my way, thus the differences of how one see the benefit of such meeting. The young and the veteran could exchange ideas and information for the common good.

The next time you are here I would organized such event. You are the first blogger to start what I call the live blogcaster. It is good for blogger and blogsphere.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

Ismail, thanks for the visit and the greeting. Yes I do remember you and I am indeed glad that you made contact after all those years.

Do email me [my email address is at my blog] so that I could give you my cell phone number and then we can go for a TT. It would surely be great to meet old pal.

Have a nice day.

Note: I did not see any email address at your blog.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak Idrus,

no matter how good ideas come from the younger generation, the experience that you have gained are simply priceless. to us, to be shared even a slice of the cake means a lot. Only that, to learn more from you we need hours of quieter scale do. even a trivial makan time like your previous post has a thousand story to be told. i'd love to be part of the audience. have made it a point to meet you again, if not soon. thanks for the wonderful afternoon that we had.

Pak Idrus said...

kerp(ph.d). Thanks for the visit and the kind words on me and this posting.

Well, when I retired from the working life, I thought that I should give back to the society as much as I could. What better then giving my thoughts. With blogging that comes easy. So I blog on whatever subjects that come to mind, with a hope that it would do some good to the readers.

Your generation inherit this country and it is only right that your are concerned with its development, so contribute in whatever ways you think right. So that we may continue to live in a prosperous Malaysia.

I would be glad to sit down with you chaps, anytime for a good intellectual discussion.

Have a nice day and take care.

Raden Galoh said...

Salam pak Idrus...

Saiful sends his regards to you...it was a memorable event for him to have met you and listened to your valuable experiences and insights....

The whole family is honoured to know you Pak. It was a blessed day, to all of us.

Hoping to meet you again...

Pak Idrus said...

raden galoh, thanks for the visit, the greeting and the kind words on me. Me too was indeed glad to get to know you both in one go. The next time I would bring my other half as well.

Well, at this age I thought that with blogging I could continue to contribute to society. Had it not been for blogsphere we all would not have met and enjoyed each other company.

Have a nice day and hope to see both of you again. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pak Idrus,

This is a wonderful post about bloggers camaderie.

I will publish an extract of your post in my website http://mylivingwall.com
and redirect my readers to your weblog to read the full post.

Thank you!


Pak Idrus said...

anonymous[1:38AM]. thanks for the visit and the kind words on this posting.

Indeed great to get an appreciation from your good self. I am happy that you are now going to spread around this posting in your site. With that I am sure more people would read that posting. It would surely do blogsphere a great service. That my friend is what bloggerhood is all about.

Thanks again and Have a nice day.