Monday, October 01, 2007

An afternoon in the city..

It was a Saturday and we decided to take a drive into the old part of the city. The Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman [formally Batu Road] and the Masjid India area, now Little India. We left home at just after two in the afternoon. The sky was clear blue with patches of white clouds here and there. It was a hot and humid day but still it is a gorgeous day. With the air conditioning it does not matter once you are in the car.

I took the Honda and drove toward that part of the city via the Elevated Highway. In mere minutes I am at Jalan Ampang facing toward the KLCC and there I got stuck in the Saturday afternoon traffic jam. I took my camera and snap a few images of the monorail passing above the Jalan Tun Dr.Ismail. In the background is the KLCC and some new building been built creating a magnificent view of the skyscraper in the city. When the car stop at the traffic light, I took that opportunity to take a snap of the KL Tower, one of the landmark of the city.

Traffic jam is normal at this time of the day at this part of the city, especially so after Payday. After all this is still the first week of the month and most of wage earners are still with plenty of cash to spend. And I believe they are on their way to do the spending. For what else Malaysian do when they have money to spend. Well they do go on a spending spree. By doing that they are getting back that money into the economic system and it keep rolling. Well that is the way the capitalist system works. With that the country keep on booming and the people prosperous. Prosperous people are happy people and happy people go on enjoying life. And shopping is one of the way to enjoy life.

So here am I stuck again in a traffic jam. I move on and got into Jalan Tun Dr. Ismail and then did a slow drive following the flow of the traffics. Actually the cars was crawling and at time hardly moving. I took advantage of these breaks on the road to take snaps of the images around me whenever my car stopped. In a way it gave me the opportunity to take photos of those buildings as I go by. On a normal day it would be crazy to stop in the middle of the road to take photos. Actually traffic jam like this is a blessing in disguise for photographer. The various stops gave you the opportunity to take snaps of images of which you would otherwise just cannot do while driving a car. Moreover it is illegal and dangerous to use the camera while driving. So I took as many snaps as I could whenever and wherever I stop and eventually got into Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman toward the Sogo building.

Well friends the images above are that of the scene of the ever changing landscape of the city. It was indeed an exciting adventure into the city on that sunny Saturday afternoon. The building boom is still on and the concrete jungles is getting denser day by day. Well cities are like that, it keep growing and in no time the familiar scene is not familiar anymore. Friends, that is living. Have a nice day and Enjoy.....[Click on the image to enlarged]


Pak Zawi said...

Pak Idrus,
Great photographs. The accompanying song Semalam Di Malaya really fits the images display.
I have yet to capture any image of the birds that come to bathe on my garden fountain. The two squirrels seem to elude me too.
These are the inspirations I get from visiting your site. i will try todo something similar to what you did so we can see the world from two different perspectives. You with your big city and me with my town small town and countryside.

Pak Idrus said...

Zawi, thanks for the visit and the kind words. One of the reasons that I blog is because there are not that many information about our country in the Internet. By blogging we provide contents in the Internet, thus it would provide information for others to digest. It is good for the country. That is why I am encouraging Malaysian to blog. At our age we know more then the ordinary citizen, so why not share our knowledge with fellow Malaysian and the World. What better way to do that then Blogging.

I hope you do blog about the place call the Golden Sand [Pasir Mas]I long to know Why this place is call Golden Sand and all those interesting places around you. It would not only enriched us of our tradition and culture, but would help to promote the country as well. As you can see I write about those ordinary happening and I found that people do read and enjoy my posting.

BTW is there any hotel in Pasir Mas where tourist like me could stay for a nite or two. My spouse and me do explore the country by road from time to time. The next time I am going that way, I would surely call on you. Have a nice day.