Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Of the greens and us...

The above image shows a green in our little garden. I bought the plant at Ikea, in a small pot and then transferred it to a bigger pot. Nurtured it with tenderness and it did grows well, giving out that green leaves as seen in the image above. It has been growing well ever since and I could see the process of growing from the bud to the first curly small leaves trying to get out like a new born into the world. It continue to grows one by one with its long stem emerging as its grows. It really is nice to see it grows into a beautiful plant. Its alive just like any living species that share this planet with us. Indeed a wonder of nature at its best.

I love the green in all shades and colors. This plant give out that dark green color and it blend well with the other greens in our garden. Other then the blue color of the sky, green is a color that sooth and cool us and it give the aura of life itself. How could we ever enjoy living without these colors. It would surely be dull indeed.

My life has always evolved around the green. At a early age living in a Kampong [village] the houses are always surrounded with greens, so as kids our playground were those bushes and the trees that grows everywhere. When we settled in the city, for wanting to have the green back we start to plant trees and shrubs in pots. And with a little ingenuity we turn the little space we had into a garden of a sorts. To me this little space in front of our home is a heaven of a sort where I could assimilate with nature and get that feeling of been part of the Eco system, for we should remember it is us that provide the most carbon dioxide back to nature especially the plants. And the plants gives oxygen in return for us to survive. I am sure we all felt that feel good feeling when we are in a garden where plants grows and flowers aplenty. It always bring joys and happiness.

These plants are a very important component of our Eco system for without it everything else would be out of place. There wound be no insects, birds, and other living species that are so important to our survival. We often forget that plants are the single largest species on our planet and without it we and the other living species would would not be able to survived on this planet. It is the plants that provide all the oxygen that we so need to survived. So friends let us do the little things that we know well in helping the plants to continue to grow well. And providing our most important need, the oxygen that we breath all the time, without even noticing or feeling that we are breathing oxygen. Given by that plants that we just took for granted. The next time you move around, do give due respect to this species. The Plants, our life line to continue living on this blue planet of ours. Have a nice day.


Damelehrer said...

My children always ask me why do I like my plants (not that I have so many potted plants). I said that they help to make us cool and give us oxygen. Do you mind sharing with me what do you feed your plants with? I envy their vibrant green!

Pak Idrus said...

damelehrer, thanks for the visit. Well, I do not have a formula to give you but one thing that I know, Plants like us are alive and whatever I do I always give that love and compassion with feeling. You must love of what you do and in Malay we have the word 'belai'. If we give that tender love to the plant, like touch it, talk to it, give it the right nutrition, I am sure it would grows well. The fertilizer I use is the common one one get in the market plus the good earth and water, it grows well. With the affection it give the extra like you give to your kids. When we are close to the plant we give fresh carbon dioxide and I think this is like us consuming fresh food. So do give the love and I believe your plants would grows with love as well. Have a nice day.