Sunday, June 10, 2007

Be Happy and enjoy..

For today, on a gorgeous Sunday morning, with clear blue sky, I am posting this nature's works of arts. The orchids and flowers that bloom in our little garden. I am sure that everyone who see these images would be happy and appreciate what nature had to offer. Making every one's life so colorful as well. For us who get to grow these amazing plants and get to see it grows and then flowers, it sure is a pleasure that's beyond descriptions.

Looking at the images of such things of beauty would surely made one happy. Imaging when one has that opportunity to touch these plants and flowers and enjoy to see it blooms for months at time. Surely happiness all the way. Unlike some other flowers, orchids in pots lasted longer then the one that are cuts and put into vases. And because we love to see these orchids blooms all days long and for months, we did not cut it but just leave it there to grows. With continuing nurturing it with tender care the orchids would last for months. Radiating its beauty to whoever are around, thus giving others the reason to be happy. Happiness is something that one just could not buy. But a bouquet of flowers would surely made someone happy, even for a moment in times.

Never underestimate the power of flowers, the product of one of the largest species on our planet, the Plant. It is the plants that give us so much, using all the carbon dioxides that our species produce and converting it into energy and oxygen that we need to survived on this blue planet of ours, that we call home. These flowers which comes in thousands of varieties are indeed nature's gift to our species. For it give the true meaning of Loves, with all the colors of the rainbow. These largest species on our planet gave us so much without asking anythings in return. Except perhaps to appreciate it in its natural entity. Flowers, indeed the keepers of our Joys. So friends enjoy the images above and have a nice day.


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pak Idrus,

What lovely blooms. You are an avid garderner eh? I love plants too. Once I was abroad, I went heavy into gardening. Boy! I really had a fulfiling time. Unfortunately currently I don't have as much time to get my hands 'dirty' now (they will be in gloves lah..ha ha). But I still buy some favourite plants every now and then. Gardening is so therapeutic.

Pak Idrus said...

ruby, thanks for the visit and that informative comments. My spouse and me are passionate about all things plants, especially flowers such as orchids. It was after retiring that we did get to spend more times on this wonderful species of ours. As you put it correctly, gardening is surely therapeutic. The world would be a dull place indeed without those colorful flowers. Have a nice day.

Damelehrer said...

I was not really interested in gardening until we bought our own house. Now I feel that we should all have lots and lots of flora around our house to make Earth a healthier place to leave in. Living in a terrace house, I don't have space to plant trees, but planting potted plants is the least that I can contribute to green our Earth.

Pak Idrus said...

damelehrer,thanks for the visit and the comments. Plants is the larges species on our planet and it gave us so much. If we nurtured it more with passion it would give us love as well.

My spouse and me could only give more time to gardening after we retired and the kids are on their own. Gardening gave us that extra quality of life in our golden age.

BTW, we also live in a terrace house. Its the quality uses of space that really count. Have a nice day.