Thursday, June 28, 2007

Of 2 young Malaysian blogs...

I have been surfing and blogging for years already. From time to time I came across blogs that are of interest to me. I kept reading, first to find out their way of thinking and then to see of how they present things as they see it. Another aspect that I want to see is that Malay Malaysian write in the English language, the language of knowledge. Of recent I found theses two blogs and am happy of what I found. For today I am introducing these two blogs to those good people who often visit my humble blog.

I am from a different generation of these two blogger. I am from the pre-independent Malaya/ Malaysia. In fact I did served under the colonial official during the early part of our independence. So for that I am somewhat a person who saw the country progress from day one of its independence. As a government officer I also participate in creating various programmes especially on the Social Engineering aspect. I am indeed happy to see the country progress so fast especially so during the twenty two years under the leadership of Tun Dr.Mahathir. He transformed the country into one of the world top trading country, making it a prosperous country with full employment and a high quality of life. In the process he has quantum leaped the country especially the cities into the first world, and also saw many universities came into being. Today there are many universities and colleges that keep producing graduates to play their role in the ever changing Malaysian society.

The two blogger I am talking about are from the the new generation of Malaysian who are now playing their role in the ever changing society. One such blog is the The Subang Jaya Post which is managed by a young Malaysian who is still studying in a local University and the other is a youth who has completed his university education at a International University based in Malaysia. His blog is the Universally positive, Radical Scope which contain the thoughts of a dynamic young Malaysian who wanted changes yesterday. These two youth are like me before, anxious to do changes. I am indeed glad they are in my footsteps to just do that, but in their own ways and the ways they knows best. These two blogger indeed have a very matured thinking for their age. I am indeed glad for that kind of thinking. Malaysia need that if it is to progress further and at a faster rate in this world of globalization. I believe they are the product of the education system and that of the leadership during the period of TDM, when he was the Prime Minister of the country. I hope more young Malaysian especially the Malay blog in the English language so that it get wider readers. Have a nice day.


abangxxx said...

Of course I agree that Mahathir was one of the best leader around. However, he is not doing the right thing by bashing Pak Lah and his administration ever since he handed over power to him. His criticism are not seen as positive anymore when said at the wrong time. He should use other ways to convey his message. However, being Mahathir there is no other way. Only that sarcastic and acid-tongue of his.

Pak Idrus said...

abangxxx, thanks for the visit and sharing your thought on TDM.

TDM is special in that he transformed the country from a primary base economy to an export oriented economy and raised the standard of living that other countries just dream of it. He is not an ordinary politician, such person comes only once in one's life time. As human, sure he made mistake but he did more good to the country.

The only thing that he admit that he was not successful is to change the mindset of the Malay. With the change now happening I hope that the Malay would get rid of that feudal mindset that had slow the progress of the race.

Have a nice day.