Thursday, May 24, 2007

Of Aussie B.B.Q and the Media ppl....

The ingredients: An Australian Bar B Que, captained by a real life Aussie dundee, Journalists, Bloggers, other ppl of the media. Its makes a great recipe indeed. Put it together with sprinkles of juices made of hops, barley, red and green grapes, plus the pepper and salt. What do you get!!!. A concoction of a very juicy and vibrant evening like never before!!!!!.With Bloggers like Zorro, Rocky, Big Dog, Jeff, Ron, journalists from the Malaysian Newspaper, together with the yuppies of the media world, it sure is a guarantee of a very successful evening.

There was a large turnout of guess that night enjoying the foods and drinks, mingling and talking all night long. I am not that sure of what they are talking about but I know for sure that bloggers love to talk on every subjects under the sun. People of the other media are great at talking too. It is not only their bread and butter but their love of writing made them great journalists. To some bloggers, me included, it is the fun of sharing our thoughts with the world that make us blog. Well I believe the talk and chats among these party goer surely be the subjects of interest to both countries Australia and Malaysia. It sure are assets to both countries. Its the people to people relationship that makes a great diplomatic coup. It all start with good relationship and this party sure do.

Well, this all happen at an evening function last week. The happening is actually on Wednesday the sixteen of May, before the Blogger Nite on May nineteen. It happen like this. The Australian High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur normally organise an annual Bar B. Que for the people of the media. This time a new High Commissioner has just arrived to take over as the representative of Australia in Kuala Lumpur. Her Excellency Penny Williams, the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia decide to invite the people of the mass media to this Bar B Que at her resident, as a mean of entertaing as well as of getting to know them. This new Australian High Commissioner is the first lady to be the Australian Representative in Malaysia. This year party is different in that this time Bloggers were invited. Before this it was just the normal journalists from the media. Blogger at that time were really an unknown species in the world of mass media. Still in the invisible realm. Bloggers were there but as yet not seen or heard. But then when journalists turn blogger blog, the scenario soon changes. Its makes waves in the socio-political scene. Soon it got notice and here we are now at this night event. Thanks to the hospitality of Her Excellency the Australian High Commissioner, who saw the potential of Blogger in the world of diplomacy. Indeed a changing world.

We were greeted by Her Excellency the High Commissioner herself. I had a short chat with her and than met the others of the Australian diplomatic corp. When I was working with the government, function like this was normal but since I had retired and taking its easy, this function at the residency is indeed a sort of a revival for me. I thought the party atmosphere has change but from the look of it, it is still the same, with that diplomatic and friendship atmosphere that only happen at such events. So when journalists, Bloggers and diplomats meet, you are sure of getting an atmosphere of joy and harmony that only party like this could do. At the same time it create an atmosphere of a sincere exchanges of thoughts. Which I believe would be useful for the diplomatic relationship of both countries, Australia and Malaysia.

Like all good party it vibrate till almost midnight. One thing that I should mention here is that the Bar B Que that night was superb. Well done, prepared by one of the High Commission diplomat, all dress up in that special Australian outfit that we see in that famous movie 'the Crocodile Dundee'. Thanks mate, the grills was bloody good.

So with greetings of thanks to Her Excellency, we left the party, happy in that it had made our day. Thanks Madam High Commissioner for the opportunity to be there on that lovely evening. Good die to die mate.


monsterball said...

Love to hear Rocky...zorro and even Big Dog much they enjoy...what were discussed.
After all....without the "All Blog" label..they are not known.
But I must thank Bro.Idrus for the excellent write up.
Bless you bro.

Pak Idrus said...

monsterball, thanks for the visit, that comments and the kind words on my posting. Well it is blogging that became a means to an end.. People began to notice us. It is always like that in the real world. How I wished you were there as well. My email address is at my blog and my cell phone number is an email that we could communicate more. Have a nice day and take care.