Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The energy of love...

I thought that for today I would just post this quotation. 'Let us spread the true energy of love throughout the world, a quote from the book 'Zahir' by Paulo Coelho.

We all should never ever think of evil or hatred. For it would not served us any good. First we should nurture the value of love among every members of our family. By doing that we would be able to be sure that our society would be a society of love as well. It is because of the lacking of love that we now see some social illness in our society. That do not in anyway do any good to the society. So let us together continue to spread love.

One small steps taken by every members of the family to spread love would be the beginning of a better society. Let made LOVE contagious. Spread it like wild fire and I am sure we would have a better world to live and enjoy life..Have a nice day.


Hi&Lo said...

Pak Idrus,

You are very wonderful. Read your previous post of your cucu giving you surprise.

Love comes in small doses. It's little things that make a difference.

It takes strong people to be kind cos he is self-assured. Only the weak are cruel due to inadequacy.

Pak Idrus said...

hi&lo, thanks for the visit and those kind works. Let us spread the energy of love. Together it would surely made differences. More and more love.. Have a nice day and take care.

monsterball said...

Fully agree with you bro Idrus...but the forces of spreading evil...disunities...play race and religions are so great by the political parties in Malaysia...that some of us have to sacrifice ourselves to live nice happy loving lives ...nice vibrations given up.......to keep exposing those said evil doers.
Even in small family of blogging...you tell me bro.Idrus....do all spread love and unity or some are doing evil deeds for the devil or for themselves to be devils...to join the devilish group. Please be frank.

mutalib saifuddin said...

dear pak idrus,

yes. because of love, we can get united, not only with our family, but everything that surround us.

even irfan khairi the young millionaire said that 'do what you LOVE, money will come'.

it seems that there is lack of the sense of love in some families that contribute to 'lari dari rumah', divorce, and the like.

and because of lack of love towards the environment, the goes all the pollution.

and, we must not label the love only between a man and woman. love is between us and everything around us. love is ubiquitous.

Pak Idrus said...

monsterball, thanks for the visit and the comments. There are evils everywhere, even in disguises. We can surely fight evils with goodness and the good would prevail. It has to start from us, you and me and everyone of us. Think only of good and never, never think of evil. Do not blame others of what they do. The blaming games would not do us any good. We should spread love all the way, always. Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

mutalib, thanks for the visit and that thoughtful comments. At an early age your thinkings are indeed that of a matured person. Your concern and understanding shows the excellent upbringing you have had from your loved one especially that of both of your parents. I am indeed glad that you have grown to be a loving and passionate person. Have a nice day.

bergen said...

Sounds like the 60s all over again, sir. Peace. Make love not war. Time to put on those bell bottom, headband and platform shoes. Bring out the guitar, mutton chop and let the flower power out in a big way.

Far out, sir. Far out.

Pak Idrus said...

Bergen, Thanks for the visit and that colorful comments. Well that was our world then. We do not have to redo everything but we surely could spread Love in ways that we know how. It is love and compassion that makes great family value and it is love as you said that create peace and harmony. So let spread love and I am sure we would have a better present and the future. Have a nice day.