Friday, May 18, 2007

An of a kind...

Well, Actually I am not that sure of what to post today. After taking a look at all those images that I snapped that evening, I found this one. A one of its kind. That of a known personal in the mass media world of this country. He need no introduction, a blogger that I came to know recently. First at the launching of a friend's book at KLCC and then met him again at the Valentine Willey at Bangsar where he sat puffing trying to get his breath again after climbing the steps that we all had taken to get to that venue. And at a recent evening at a gathering I met him again sitting beside a charming young lady with his usual self, talking and throwing jokes that makes us all laugh. A great kid to have around. I believe I am allow to call him kid, for he is from the generation of my children. He is one of those new breed of journalist hungry for news, who roam the real world and cybersphere like never before. A bright chap, articulate and a pleasant personal to have around.

The about image shows him, I believe in his best element. During that evening we all passes many times this cosy part of the resident but not many takes a second look. By itself this space was just a cosy space, just nice to look. But at that moment in time when I was about to leave I saw him sitting there, the atmosphere of that space soon vibrate and transformed into some thing greater than the space itself. It actually became alive. Him sitting there give a new dimension to the already cosy space. All of a sudden this space became something else. It lighten up and I thought that indeed he sitting there in that pose made a great picture indeed. Had it been another person it would not be so. Without much thinking I took the snap and Voila!! it came out great. At least I think so......Have a nice day


BigDogDotCom said...

Pak Idrus,

So much affections and generous accolades you extend to this rather more than large, Big Guy.

That is very kind if you to show that kind of love to a much younger man. I think I may have bumped into this chap once or twice. Full of funny stories, indeed :)

politikus said...

pak idrus,

it was really lovely meeting you at the gathering! hope to see you again :)


zorro said...

Pak Idrus...they didnt (I asked) have the grape drink....ha ha ha last night at BUM. Was nice....this month we have been meeting legally in the flesh, no?

That Big Dog you featured. I just sent him back to the kennel when this morning he wwooooooooooooooooo at me because MU lost. He gives out this mating call very regularly now, even at Kak Maria's house for mee rebus. He stops when you shoo him back to the kennel. But he is such a lovable dog....good to cuddle if you can put your arms around that rotundity. Cheers this Tuesday for mee rebus?

Ibu said...

blog rolling here for the 1st time. will keep me busy reading all those previous entries for a while ;)

Pak Idrus said...

Friends thanks for the visit and the comments.

Bigdogdotcom, Well that is how I see things and I write the way I see it. Love, Yes we should all give love, as much as we possibly could. It is give love.

Politikus, It was really great meeting you. The short chat we had was as great. See you again.

Zorro, Well what can I say they did not serve the red grape juice like the other day..remember..!!!. So it is Zorro that take care of our Big Dog. I know for sure that He is in good hand.

Ibu. You are welcome. This blog is part of my life and I enjoy sharing my thoughts.

To everyone, Have a nice day and take care.