Monday, March 26, 2007

She made my day..

Oh! What a day. Friday afternoon. First had coffee with a friend that I had not met for almost twenty years. On arrival at the Great Eastern Mall I browse along waiting for another friend to arrive for this get together. And as I was about to look around I received a call on my cell phone from the long lost friend. He had already arrived and having a drink with another friend at the Starbucks. I look and there I found him smiling. We had not met for so long but he still look the same. At the same time the other friend also arrived and we then sat outside the cafe and had out coffee and enjoy the chat. A few other friends came over to greet us and then left to do their own business. We then continue with our chats. Time passes by and as the day goes we decided to move to Alexis, another cafe not that far from Starbucks. A bistro where there is live music and it open until two in the morning. We got a table outside and sat to enjoy the coffee and the tit bits here and chat till almost eight in the evening. Since my friend had to catch a flight back to his home base in Kota Bahru, Kelantan, we decided to call the evening off.

After paying the bill I walk on to get out of the place but as I was about to do just that, I notice a gorgeous lady in black standing tall, sort of staring at me. For a few seconds I was lost but then my memory recall past data and I soon realized that the lady in black is a very close friend of mine, whom I somewhat lost contact after she got married some years ago. She is now a top executive with a Multinational Corporation... Bringing back memories one of those colorful event in my life. My God!!. It was indeed a surprise to see her there standing tall smiling at me with her usual smile. I call out her name and we shook hand. She then introduce me to all of her friends of the fine young ladies and gent who were dinning with her. I shook hand with all and took that precious moment in times to thanks her and yarn a bit of the greatness of living and having such great friend like this gorgeous lady in black. She smile when I said that. Got her cell phone number and I believe we would be able to continue with life where we left before. Friends do not get ideas, she is married now and I respect that. And believe that friendship should continue. For the company of another being is part of the scheme of things that surely would made our life as colorful as ever. This unexpected encounter really made my day. What a life..


KL said...


New clothes are best, but old friends are the best of friends.


Pak Idrus said...

kl thanks for the visit. How true but then we only found this when we are in our golden age. That is the reason why I treasured my friendship. Have an nice day.