Friday, March 16, 2007

Of black coffee, Sunshine and blogging...

Well, it has been a great week. With many happening in the Malaysian blogging scene, life continue to be as colorful as ever. It was a gorgeous sunny morning. With a cup of steamy black coffee I sat to jot this down on my laptop. It is now the middle of March and it look like that soon we would be in April 2007. Looking back it seem that the new year seem to be just like yesterday. I call a friend and realised that I had not call him since last year, so I just wish him a Happy New Year. He laugh aloud and wish me the same.

And just last week I managed to get the cell phone number of a close friend that I had lost contact, who now live in the state of Kelantan. We had been together in our youth and continue to enjoy working in the same field until he decided to quit and went into business. We parted and eventually lost touch. But I had always remember this man for when he first joint the service, I was already working in Kuala Lumpur and he often come over the house. At time we would have the Kelantanese Lunch at his home. It was a great team then. But as usual life takes its course. With him decided to quit and be on his own and me continue with my career in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports until I retired. It is only now that I had managed to get his number, so I call and he was rather surprise that I call. He says that he had always wanted to get in touch with me. Every time he is in KL he would enquire as to my number but had not been successful. Anyway with the call, we chat like old friends and he says that he would made a special trip to KL sometime next week to meet me.

Well that was great and I hope that when the time come we would meet and see what happen next. Well friends, life is like that and things happen when it wanted to happen. As a traveller on my life journey I am continuing to enjoy life as it goes, knowing for a fact that the journey that we take would passed by and would not come again. So it would be wise for us to makes use of the happening in the journey of life like the saying ' Makes hays while the sun shine '. We should remember that time did not move, it is us that move, so friend do makes good use of the time given to us on this planet. Enjoy it for it would never come our way again. Have a nice day.

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