Friday, March 02, 2007

The Mushroom...

Wake up to another beautiful day. It is already the second of March 2007. See how times fly. Hardly you notice it we are now in March. Anyway it had been a great day. And with another beautiful day who is complaining. As usual I went out to the patio and there to my surprise I saw a bunch of mushroom at the foot of a potted plant. What a day to see this wild mushroom grown healthy in a pot. It was not there yesterday. Without thinking much I took the camera and snap an image to immortalized it. Here I am sharing it with the world to enjoy part of my Eco system. It is really nice to be able to see things that you would never thought would grow in your garden, do comes out of nowhere and there it is growing perfect. I believe by evening it would have wilted and served it purpose today. Making me happy. Surely the plants, the Flora and fauna that are in my small garden would be happy as well.

As usual my elusive squirrel were there somewhere and enjoying the meal of imported apples. I left a few pieces yesterday morning and by evening it is all gone, finished. I am indeed glad that this squirrel come and go, for it is little things like this that makes living so beautiful. What! with that lively exchange of notes from a cyberfriend from faraway Melbourne, Australia in my last posting regarding the Kingfisher. One things lead to another and indeed the exchange of notes do make our lives so interesting and colorful. Knowing for a fact that we both loves the other species that became a visitor of a sort to our home from time to time. We must always remember we are never alone in this 'wildness' that we call home. There are others who share our habitat, like the ants, the lizard, the cockroaches and at time the rats that comes and go as it please until it is trapped. I did not like killing so when I know for sure that rat or mouse are in the house I would place a trap and catch it alive. I would then released it faraway from my home, with a message to it not to come back and disturb the peace of my home. Anyway that is that, it had to live as well and who are we to decide its way of life. It has family too and like us had to continue living.

Well that is life and I believe that every species that share this planet with us have the same right to enjoy living on this blue planet of ours. Have a nice day.

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