Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ramadan, the fasting month..

Ramadan in Malaysia start on today Sunday the twenty forth of September two zero zero six. As usual it start with the Trawih prayer session at the local mosque after the Isyah prayer on the evening of the twenty third [yesterday]. It should be noted that Moslem calendar start from the evening prayer [the magrib prayer]. The Magrib prayer is the first prayer of the day and not the suboh or early dawn prayer. So from today Moslem all over the world would fast during the day. That is from the moment of sunrise to the moment of sunset. Fasting is actually the state of the mind. Once the mind is set to fast during the day, then it would be just easy, a sort of a second nature. Once Magrib time comes, it is time to break the fast. I would just take some sweet liquid and dates for a start and then do the Magrib prayer. After that I would sit to enjoy the first meal of the day. After a short break I would go the local mosque and do the Isyak prayer follow with the Trawih Prayer. Trawih Prayer is a congregation prayer done only during the fasting month. In today's term it is a sort of a recreation for the physical body and the mind. In a way we get to meet others of the community to socialized as well. The trawih session is for all, the young and old, the man and women and the children. For Moslem it is a change from the normal ritual of everyday life activities to that of the special Ramadan ritual, fasting during the day, eating and drinking during the evening only and the social events in the mosque. Well, surely change in the normal ritual would do good to our species. It would not only do great to our physical body but to the mind as well... Friends Have a Great Ramadan this year..On this auspicious month I wish that everyone have only LOVE in their heart... Have a nice day.


anasalwa said...

Selamat Berpuasa

Pak Idrus said...

Ana, Selamat Berpuasa to you as well. Have a nice day.