Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mee Kari [curry noodle]

Now that with our second home in Malacca, we ply the north south Highway at least once a month to the south to Malacca and to the north on our return to Kuala Lumpur... It is now only a brisk to Malacca on the Highway.. A pleasant drive that one could enjoy driving all the way..On the way there are a few Rest areas where we could take a brake and have drinks or meals before proceeding onward... One of our favorite place to stop is the R & R at Seremban and there would get our drinks or foods at the cafe call the Shalala, an up market cafe which served freshly brewed coffee and other Malaysian specialties...One of my favorite is the Mee Kari above...It taste real good and that is why we always stop at the Shalala either on the way to Malacca or on the way back to KL...The R & R are on both sides of the Highway...Well that is life, Enjoy.. [image taken with a cell phone]


bnaipal said...

The Curry Mee photo makes me sooooo hungry - I'm in Adelaide & don't get to enjoy such authentic stuff - yummy!!!

Pak Idrus said...

bnaipal, thanks, I am indeed glad that this image touches you... Have a nice day.