Thursday, May 05, 2005

The haze and the kopitiam table......

The haze is back and the whole city is hazy, what is wrong with the weather, it is the beginning of May and we should be getting a clear blue sky with white clouds all days long, but haze, that I just do not like...With haze the weather became more humid and uncomfortable to enjoy life...We are used to living all our life in the humidity of the tropic, still the haze, which is a new happening in this country are sight that I just do not like to see...Not only it obscure the sights but it is depressing and being depressed is not good for a healthy living...The authority is saying that it is because of the open burning in some neighboring countries, but then open burning had being the way of farming in this part of the world all the time and before there was no haze, only fog or mist in the early morning or evening, which is always welcome, since fog bring coolness to the atmosphere, as well it is make the day less humid...I love those days when we had kabus fog, but today we rarely see it...The weather has change indeed. Well as we progress we had to go through such happening and at one time the whole city of Los Angles were covered with haze and the city father decided to get rid of it and introduce new regulations and with that the city of LA is now haze free...So I hope the local authority would do something serious about getting rid of these haze instead of blaming it on slash and burn farming in neighboring countries....I blog this at my patio facing northwest with the twin tower of the KLCC in front of me, which I could hardy see because of the haze..Normally I could say with proud that my home have a view of the KLCC [surely it would add value to the house, with such a view] but then living is like that, some day it is one things and the other a different things altogether...This laptop set firmly on a kopitiam table, the marble top is more then eighty years old, a piece that I inherit from my dad, who ran a coffee shop then...Actually this marble top was already discarded by my brother and left to rots in his storeroom, when the shop were refurnished with new furniture..It was a forgotten piece until I start asking where are those old tables and my brother brought me to his storage area in his home in a kampong house and show me this piece of round marble top,.. All dirty..Without much ado I decided to take it home and got it clean and Voila... I got a beautiful piece of marble top for my kopitiam table [I had the wooden stand made by a friend who is a skill craftsmen]...With that here I have a valuable piece of furniture, that I would not part but hope that it would remain in the family for a long time to come..It is a priceless artifact now and I love this kopitian table...It is a piece of history in our family...So here sat the latest tools for communication, the laptop on an old marble top...What a combination...It match well, perfect...Sitting on a chair of another era [the kopitiam chair, now made of rubber wood] I rattle this away with ease and enjoying every minutes of its all the time despite the haze....Friends that is life...Have a nice day..

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