Sunday, December 19, 2004

In this country we are never short of festival, there would be a festival all the time, some are national type, some are religious days, some are days of significant to a particular race or religion and in this beloved country we celebrated them all, just last month we Malaysian celebrated the Moslem Aidil Fitri, then came the Hindu Dewali and now we are close to Christmas and after that would be the Chinese New Year, in between these main festival, there are the Gawai Dayak in Sarawak, whereas in the Land below the Wind..Sabah, there is the Keamatan and other festival of the Kadazan and other ethnic group of the enchanting parts of Malaysian....Where else in this colorful world of ours such things happen but in beautiful Malaysia....We are indeed happy people with so many festivals, we do not have to be sad, we are a blessed country, god given happiness.... A country aplenty and its people prosperous and living in harmony.....Nineteen zero zero four has been a good year for all malaysian and we hope that two zero zero five would be as good if not better, cheer up Malaysian....Have a nice day.

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