Saturday, February 14, 2009

New kid on the blog...

Well folks to me blogging has open a new dimension to friendship. It has in a way made living more colorful. It is a new tool that we never had before, thus it gave us the mean to do creative writing and in doing so share our thoughts with the world. In the process we learn from each other. As I had often said strangers are friends that we have yet to meet, thank to blogging so many strangers have now became my friends not only in cybersphere but in the real world as well. The new media of which blogging is one of the mean of getting message to the world has indeed change the way we disseminate information and ideas. Before blogging there was no way we could easily share our thoughts except perhaps writing a book or writing to the Newspaper.

In blogging we became the producer, the editor and the writer of the thoughts that we want to disseminate and it could be done in a very easy fashion. Just think and write, post it onto your blog and it is done. To me the mere posting of an article already give me great satisfaction. When someone post a comment or when one take a step further by sending an email, it takes us to a new dimension in communication. It became personal and eventually we became friend; first in cybersphere and then when we meet in the physical world it just complete that bond in friendship. As a species to enjoy living we need friends and blogging is one way of making more friends. Blogger is in fact a new species that live in both world, cybersphere and the physical world. Indeed a new evolving species on planet earth.

I have always tried to encourage folks to blog. When I am invited to speak on TV or interviewed by the Main Stream Newspaper I often advice folks to blog, for in blogging you get to activate your thinking cap and then share your thoughts with others. In a way it add value to our life, thus improved our quality of life. I often say that let make it contagious and spread it like wild fire, for information and ideas would always help others to improve their quality of life as well.

In blogging I often suggest that we made love as our philosophy. The world needs love so in blogging we are in a way contributing in making this world of ours a better place to live and enjoy life. Many took to my advice and start blogging and from time to time we get new blogger in blogsphere. And today we have yet another new blogger. This time from a Malaysia-born Singaporean who now live on the other side of the globe, California, the Sunshine State. Building Bridges is her blog. Have a nice day.


Ms B said...

Hi Pak Idrus,

what a good theme for blogging! Anyway, wish you happy love day. Perhaps I shall get that roses for our home. I bet it'll make the lil one happy.

Pak Idrus said...

Ms B, thanks for the visit and the greeting.

I am indeed glad that you like the theme of this posting. It is an idea that I thought best to related to the subject of this posting. In a way it is a thought at that spur of the moment. A cool way to introduce our kind to the world in the spirit of bloggerhood.

As for flower I love rose, so I thought that it is best to give a bouquet of rose on Valentine day. I believe your little one would love that. A gift of roses from dear Mom. An excitement with glitters in her eyes. A moment in time that she shall remember always.

Have a nice day.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Salam, Pak Idrus.

Before there were blogs, so few of us were able to make our thoughts semi-public. Expressing an opinion seemed to be the domain of paid writers. The rest of us just didn't seem entitled to narrate our lives, post fiction or render opinions on current events.

When blogging became commonplace, we made new friends and realised one great truth -- that we are all more similar inside than different, and that deep down inside, people are good, and many are just struggling to do the best they can according to their means, beliefs and principles.

And suddenly the world isn't full of hostile strangers anymore, but parents, siblings, children, patriots, civilians, workers and consumers, just like us.

Blogs can be a great source of information. Reading a blogger's review of a particular product or eatery is often a more educational and eye-opening experience than visiting the official commercial webpage that wants to sell its products or services!

Best regards to you and Kak Asmah.


Pak Idrus said...

Covert_Operations'78, Ee Lynn thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Well with blogging we now have the mean of sharing our thoughts unlike before blogging. To me blogging is a godsend tool for us to share information and ideas with the society at large. With blogging news no longer became the prerogative of the authority but everyone of us could play journalist and share the news with all. In doing so we get a better understanding of the happening in the society. A well informed society is a good society.

So let us blog on any subjects that we want but a word of caution, do be responsible with what we blog. This is a new media, let make it a media that the rakyaat trust and with that made it a mean to get quality news.

Have a nice day.

louis said...

Thanks for introducing another new blogger. I have sent her a comment acknowledging that you had encouraged me to write my own blog.

Pak Idrus said...

Louis, thanks for the visit and the kind words on me and blogging.

Well in the spirit of bloggerhood I thought that it would be best to introduce a person like you that I had encouraged to blog.

Have a nice day.

Zaharan Razak said...

Thoughts well put, words well laid, what more can I say!

Pak Idrus said...

Zaharan Razak, thanks for the visit and the kind words on my king of blogging. I enjoy doing just that.

Coming from You a chegu, it is indeed a great compliment. Appreciated.

Have a nice day.

Sharifah said...

Thank you Pak Idrus, for introducing
me in your blog. I received quite a few visits via your blog. It's admirable of you to be very generous in encouraging new and future bloggers. This is the kind of sharing that we need in this world.

I look forward to communicating and making new friends through cyberspace.

Pak Idrus said...

Sharifah, thanks for the visit and the good words on my kind of blogging. I am glad that you have start blogging. It is indeed a new experiences in blogsphere. Hope that we get to meet in the real world in the not too distance future.

Have a nice day.