Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well I just received an email from my old friend from the south, an old soldier,a retired one, who live in Malacca...He was a colonel in the commando unit, the unit in the army mostly consist of crazy man who love to go to war and considered dead until they returned alive...This friends of mine look tough..The soldier make him so..In his email he was asking what has happen to our friends the tongsan man from Raub, a small town in the hinterland of Pahang, a rather rural area out of the way, where there was once a gold mine...Now that the gold mine has close down, this small town continue to prosper on other economic activities....My friend Mr. Jeffry..No he is not English...He is a Chinese Malaysian with an English name and love to be call just Jeff....He love to get lost in the Malaysian jungle on his four wheel drive, a bunch of adventurer in this age and time...The are plenty of jungle area in and around Raub for such and exciting adventure....Well this Jeff reply to our friend from the south,the Chinaman Yap, with a copy to me and it real sound interesting...He is not lost after all, still alive and kicking, running all over the country doing business, trying to be another billionier, that would eventually own the Raub town, who knows... It would be a reality some day, for nothing is impossible nowadays and with that achievement I believed he would be crowned as the next Raja of Raub, like a royalty and then he would have the power to conferred Datuk [grand title]to all his friends, like our Mr.Yap..and our Mr.Chinaman Yap would be Datuk Yap....Interesting is it not...Anything could happen in this wonderful country of ours, where people of various race, religion and language live in peace and harmony..Like the advertisement say Malaysia is truly Asia....That is the truth, when you set foot on this soil, a country call Malaysia, you would sure realized that people of different culture could live in harmony together and built the country together, to become one of the prosperous country in this part of the world...Well friends life is like that, if we all understand what is life and learn to live together then anything are possible... Sure, We all have our difference, but then these difference has became our asset rather then liabilities.....That is the way to go...The world is so small now and sharing it together makes it a better place to live and enjoy life...Remember we are just in passing on this planet....Makes full use of the short time you and I have on this blue planet, a God send haven in space....Have a nice day.

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