Friday, November 12, 2004

...The legacy of a Man, a leader, a statesman of this century...The passing of Yasser Arafat,[1929 - 2004] The Palestinian leader, a truly great man of his time...A man that single handed created the Palestinian dream of having their independent country, after part of their beloved land was taken away from them and turn into what we now call as the state of Israel in the year nineteen forty eight...Had not been for Yasser Arafat the Palestine state would have lapse in time and today no one would ever heard of such a once proud country in the biblical land of the three great religions Judaism. Christian and Islam...Last week a sick Arafat was flown out of his fortress in which he was imprisoned by the Israeli for almost four years, for medical attention...Thanks to the French government he was flown to Paris for treatment...But as everyone knows...He was call to the Lord and thus would be returned to his fortress compound for burial...The French gave him a special farewell and then a military funeral in Cairo, by the Egyptian government, the land where Arafat was born and had his education. His remains was later flown to Ramallah for burial. According to the Palestine leadership he would be re buried at Jerusalem when Jerusalem became the capital of the independent Palestine state in due course......A salute to a great man who give up all his life for their noble cause...He is indeed immortal in the mind of all freedom fighters especially his own people the Palestinian.....Al Fatihah [the first verses of the Koran] to his soul.....Amen.

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