Saturday, October 16, 2004

This is an old Chinese saying, Words of wisdom " When you drink from a cup, do not forget that the water came from a stream somewhere" ...... I remember this saying since it was told to me by a very close Chinese friend..... It has ever since being a philosophy to me and I believe that there are great wisdom in this old saying...... To prosper and enjoy a beautiful life we should try to understand this deep meaning and with that understanding make it our own philosophy of life..... In life we cannot achieve anything alone, surely there are others that in a way help us along to achieve our aims..... We were successful in our job and rewarded for a job well done..... Think hard... Could we do the job alone..... It is not at all possible..... Maybe you think that it is possible..... But I believe that it is not possible...... Others, either directly or indirectly along the way help us...... Say you are given a job of a CEO of a large institution or organizations or industries... Your job is to give a great service to your organization...So how do you do to get your job done and successful and your clients satisfied..... You surely need the help of other people.... But normally you get the credit for the job well done.... And as CEO you are paid well.... Non of your staff could get paid like you.... You are the boss, so you get paid well... And they just got paid less then you and some even got a pay package just to survived a daily living... My friend that is the real world....So as you can see you can never achieve anything alone, we need other's help or appropriate tools to succeed....So do keep this wisdom of the old in mind when doing anything....Do take care of your staff well....The are part of your success.....Have a nice day.