Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Orchid, I guess everyone love these beautiful tropical plants and it radiant flowers, once grow wild in the tropical jungle, it has since been commercialized and today it is one of Malaysia export to the world market....To cater for the world demand for this flowers, large farms are open all over the country and in cities there are many nursery selling orchid plants for the domestic market....Most Malaysian prefer to plant the orchid rather then buy only the flowers....So large sale centre are has sprung up just on the outskirts of the city selling orchid....To day we decided to go to the outskirts of the city where they sell orchid plant which had just flowered, for a reasonable price....We had not been to this place before, so we decided to follow a couple that we know, who love orchid, to make our first visit to this nursery that sell orchid.....It is situated just after the old airport at Subang.....Before going there we decided to rendezvous at a Roti canai and Teh Tarik spot at PJ, a favorite place to have a great traditional breakfast...We left the house just after nine and met our friend and his spouse at the eating site....Together we sat down and enjoy the breakfast, we were later join by our friend's brother and his wife.....Finished our breakfast we all convoy toward the Orchid sale area....There in thousand all laid in rows and rows are orchids in all the color of the rainbow....It was really and great sight to see all those beautiful orchid, presenting it best....We went to look and makes our pick and after a while we had enough and after paying for the orchid we all head for our homes, our friend decided to head for his Malacca's home straight away, while we proceed to Ampang Jaya, happy that we had made a great buy of those lovely orchids, half price sold at our nearby nursery....We had decided to rearrange our small garden in front of our house and these orchids are just for that new look that we are planning, it would surely enhance our patio this time, giving it a more radiant and warm setting, changing the landscape from the normal green to a more colorful one, the multi color of orchids that we just bought....Sometime these orchids would continue to bloom for a while and then it stop, but at time it would continue to bloom all throughout the year....Orchid plants are very hardy and if tend to properly with love, it would continue to bear flowers without fail....It had to be nurture with care and showered with water regularly and of course it had to be fed with its kind of foods [fertilizer] from time so that it would give out a colorful bloom always.....Orchids always help to cheer up people who look at it and to my spouse and me it had always create a cheerful atmosphere, that enhance our quality of life....Well friends, with a little care, orchid could add color to our life, why not go for orchid the next time you re landscape you garden...It is worth a try...I am sure you would enjoy the outcome of such changes....Have a nice day.

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