Sunday, February 22, 2004

............. Took a quick shower and then we drove out to see the happening at the Balik Pulau Square.....could not find a good place to get a snack and good coffee, I drove to the town of Lumut and there had a great roti canai and teh tarik, the town seem to be more crowded this time... it was difficult to find a parking space...anyhow after looking around I found one at the shop that we had our the snack...... It was a great snack.... Happy we head back to the resort to meet the rest of the gang at a meeting planned to be at just after seven in the evening...... We arrived to find a few of the gang are already there, chatting away and are having a great time.... Just like us, probably they too had roti canai and teh tarik too and not really hungry at this time to go straight for dinner..... We continue to chat and wait for Alex to arrived.... Time pass and still no sign of Alex.....Some began to wonder what has happen to our great Alex... It seem that he has gone to his wife's Kampong [village] at Air Tawar .... Anyway someone got him on his Cell phone and He say that He is on his way... We waited and true enough...... Alex arrived with his wife.... Looking fresh and all smile..... Not to waste any time, we all decided to head to the nearest restaurant for dinner..... We found one just near the roadside, a sea food restaurant facing the sea.... A great place to have dinner....Under the moonlight and the open sky.... the place was well lighted, a few coconut tree's trunk were lighted with spiral color light from the bottom of the tree right to the top, just below the palm leaves, making it look like an artificial deco plants, in fact it is a real coconut palms..... We ordered a Chinese dinner and chat throughout the dinner..... Jokes and simple chat..... Everyone seem to enjoy the dinner......... It is getting late so we adjourned to the coffee house at our resorts and continue to chat, as usual it was about local politic and other subjects of interest..... Malaysian seem to be very concern with the development of the country and this actually augur well for the future of the country....... At the table are Malaysian of various races, talking in harmony with the country's interest at their hearts.... the subjects at time are racial and sensitive.... But as matured adult and understood the sensitivity of each others, such discussion went very well indeed..... Alex was a very articulate person....driving his point very well.... was real concern with the welfare of the country and the need to have a good governance..... One of those thing that He was really angry was a topic that might look simple.... But if one look at it in depth... one would realized that He is indeed right for being angry at the local government for planting Plastic or artificial Palm tree in and around some towns.... It is a rather ridiculous and almost come to the point of stupidity to do just that.... Planting artificial Palm in the tropic!!, where trees of various shape and greens are aplenty....... We all agree with his concern.... but then this sort of stupid planning happen and being concerned citizen we all should exposed this unwise doing..... Why plant artificial palm or trees when there are plenty of the real one around and easily available....... Alex is damn right here, something is definitely not right... And had to be put right.... Perhaps we should write to the paper to expose this stupidity...... Why was the public fund used for such act.... Well we continue to chat on other topic until the coffee house close for the night..... To me it was a great night out.... Well spend with intelligent discussion of subjects close to our heart.... Good governance our beloved country..... Malaysia.

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