Saturday, May 17, 2014

Interior Deco; the Curtains...

Both my spouse and I love to decorate our house; it a passion that we both share since we start a family some fifty years ago. We love beautiful things and wanted our home to be a place of fine living; thus over the years we collected furniture’s and other works of art to adorn the space of our house. To keep it need and beautiful we would change the concept of interior decoration from time to time and that includes changing the curtains. Furniture would be move around to enhance it look in a new position in the house. Curtains that we have used would be wash and keep to be use later when we do another change. Today I took out the old curtains at the lounge for washing. Asmah my spouse quip which one to replace. We have many set of curtains that we kept over times and all are still in good condition. We thoughts about it and think of a mix match concept. We open the containers where we kept the old curtains and found what we wanted. We start hanging it and viola it turn out to be a great choice as seen above; another beautiful setting that we like. 

Have a nice day.

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