Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Ringgit Note, Lost and Found...

I thought that it is time I tell this amazing story of my life, the happening on the path of the journey of life. The kind of things that just happened, so let me tell a few of such incidents that had coloured my life. I shall start with this... One fine day I walk out of the wash-room at a Rest Area on the North South Highway and at the step I saw a RM50 note. I took it and look for its owner and there was no one around. I kept looking but no one seems to be looking of something. So I pocket it, it not mine I thought it best I just donate it for a good cause. On returning home I slip it into a donation box at the local mosque. Forget about it and continue with my lives. Some years later as I was sweeping the pavement in front of my gate I saw a RM5.00 lying on the roadside. I pick it up and while doing that I saw a boy on an old bicycle passes by. I ask him whether he lost something but he said no.  He look poor so I just give it to him and told him that I just found the note and to take it and use it for something useful. As usual I just forget about it. I then carry on with what I was doing and enjoy the day. 

Just a month ago I went to have lunch at the GE Mall nearby. My spouse did not want to follow so after parking my car at the basement I went to the Kopitiam upstairs and order a bowl of Mee Curry. While waiting for the order to arrive I call a friend who has a shop on the second level of the building. He answered my call by saying that he is on the way to the shop and would join me as soon as he arrives. The order came and I sat to enjoy the meal. While I was enjoying the Mee Curry my friend arrived and said that he already had a hearty breakfast of Roti Canai and that he would just accompany me. He order Tea and we continue to chat as usual. After finishing the meal I paid the bill and left a Ringgit tip. My friend saw it and quip that  "You give tip" I reply saying that I do if I am happy with the service. I know the staffs are not paid that much so in a small way I am helping them. We parted and I then went to the Ampang Point for another errant. At Ampang Point I took the escalator to the mezzanine floor. On reaching up there and as I was about to walk I notice a Ringgit note lying on the floor. I pick it up and try to look for its owner but to no avail. I took it and on the next Friday I donated it to the mosque nearby. 

Last week our youngest daughter took us to the mall at Sri HartaMas call the Publika. I have not been there and was happy to go. On arrival I found the mall is different than the many malls that I have been before. It layout is different in concept. It does not have an anchor tenant but instead there are many small outlets that sell varieties of goods as well restaurant of fine dine. There is a huge Supermarket that sell almost everything for the local residents. As usual we went to look for food to have an early dinner. Our daughter Lin suggests that we go to a restaurant on the far corner. As we got out we saw two restaurants, one call Cawan and the other Mee Jawa. For wanting something different to eat we chose the Mee Jawa restaurant. After enjoying the food I left a Ringgit as a tip and left happy with that wonderful dish call Mee Jawa. The next day I went to the Ampang Point Post Office and to get there I had to take the escalator to the first floor. As I was walking to the Post Office I again saw a Ringgit Note lying on the floor. Not knowing who to give it back I just took it and then the next Friday donate it the local mosque. 

Well folks are all these incidents just a coincidence or a synchronicity! Let leave it just like that and move on with our lives. 

Have a nice day.


Al-Manar said...

It is a story from One Step Beyond, a good true to life events. You seem to have more of that many, certainly more than I can remember - unless I pocketed it each time without question! You have done well to write about this. What would you do if it were a diamond ring, let Puan Salmah decide?

Pak Idrus said...

Al-Manar, Pokcik Hassan thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting. Well it has been always be my philosophy of life to accept that what is not mine is not mine and what is mine is mine. Throughout my life such incidence happened many times and I have always give back to the society whatever I found but could not trace the owner. Well Life is like that.

Have a nice day.