Monday, November 04, 2013

The Path...

The North-east Monsoon season has start so from now until the end of February 2014 there would be rain on and off. At time it would be heavy with storm and lighting. The brunt of the wind would be severer on the the east coast states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. I was born in Kuantan, a small city on the coast thus every year-end it would be affect by the rain, at time non-stop for days. Folks would say it rain cat and dog. The temperature would go down to at time around 22 % Celsius making it real pleasant to sleep. In the Kelang valley where we now live it already raining on and off, at time in the morning and at time in the evening and continue till late night. Today it did not rain in the morning, the sky was blue and the sun was shining bright. So I decided to take a spin with the Honda and went to the Taman Tasik Park nearby. I parked my car and took my haversack loaded with my camera and the various lens and wander along. In the early part of the morning there were not that many people around. I then just took a slow walk along the path in the park and took my time snapping picture of the green around the path. After a while I walk back and met a stranger who sat alone at the bench nearby. He looks friendly so I stop and chat with him. He is a driver taking some worker to mend the broken pipe at the park.  We chat on various subjects and since he was interested in camera and picture taking the chat became more interesting; talking about taking a good picture. I told him I am just enjoying my hobby and that photography makes me happy. I share some of my photos in my Blog and Facebook. Folks are happy to see the images that I had captured with my camera. On Facebook they would go to great length to discuss on the subject of my photography. It does make them happy to see the photo that I had posted and that in turn makes me happy as well. 

Through the camera's lens we see many objects that we often did not see with our naked eyes. Like this single leaf at the side of the tree trunk. It just there in solitude and taking it time to grow. It is indeed an amazing sight to wonder of how nature takes care of itself. I stood there watching the many ants crawling all over the bark of the tree but did not seem to disturb this single leaf. I was mesmerized and soon got lost of time. I was enjoying it care less of what was happening around me; nature at its best.  

I then saw a tiny flower on the grass in between the grass near where I was walking. I then squat down and took this image. It so tiny and had it not been for the camera I do not believe I would have seen it. It was such a gorgeous sight among the green of the lawn. 

Just at the end of the lawn where it meet the shore of the lake I saw many wild grass flowering turning the area into a soft white against the green blue water of the lake. I snap a few shots of these flowering grasses. It does add colour to the landscape of this part of the park. 

As I move on I saw some tools used by the gardener left on the grown, perhaps he has gone for a short break. In a park like this the works of the gardener never end and it is folks like them who kept the landscape of the park in such a pristine condition all the time. Often folks do not realised the important of such person in turning the park into a lovely spot for us to enjoy life. To me he or she is a part and parcel of the park itself for without these fine workers there would not be such a beautiful park for us to enjoy life. 

All my life I have always enjoy a walk into nature like going camping, hiking in the woods and it always made me happy. Now in my golden years where time is mine to wander and wonder the park is one place that I frequent whenever I like; enjoying nature at it best. 

Have a nice day.

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