Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Your One Vote [Malaysia 13th Election]...

The 13th General Election for Malaysia would be held on May, 5, 2013.

Folks, in a democracy it is the vote that put a person in charge of the country. Anyone who gets a majority, even with one vote would be elected to be a Member of Parliament or the Member of the State Assembly. So it is important that we as citizen of this country Malaysia understand that the one vote of ours does made the difference. So in an election, be it the by-election or now the General Election that happen once in four or five years we must take our vote seriously and vote with wisdom.

In the March 8, 2008 the citizen of Malaysia showed that they do understand that their votes does made the differences. In that election they voted for change. As can be seen at that election and the other by-election your votes do made the difference. Folks we are going through a changing time and as usual some people like change and some does not want at all. It is the same in a democracy. What we want is a democracy not a dynasty where leadership is pass down from one person to another but a person that is elected by the people. Only in a true democracy that we get to see the person whom we elect became the leader.

Our founding father found this country as a secular democracy and it has work so far. It does brought prosperity to the rakyaat but since it is the rakyaat money that are been use to develop this country surely we want accountability and transparency in it uses. To get that we must elect the right person to provides the leadership. A person of integrity to the nation leadership; whether it is at the state level or the federal level. In this coming election it is for both the federal level as well the state level. Only a person with integrity would provide us with good leadership. So this time you go to the poll do use your vote wisely. Remember that one vote of yours does made the difference.Your vote and my vote make two votes and that goes on and on until the polling is closed. 

So come this May 5, 2013 do go and vote wisely.

Have a nice day.


Unknown said...

Dear Pakcik

I am voting for my son's future.



Pak Idrus said...

Unknown, Ravi thanks for the visit and sharing your valuable thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Yes indeed we must see that there is a future for the next generation.

Have a nice day.