Wednesday, November 09, 2011

This year Eid Adha...

This year Eid Adha falls on November 6, 2001. Woke up early and together with our son-in-law and the two grandsons went to attend the special Eid Adha prayer at the local mosque nearby. With the two granddaughter now studying overseas it left little Adibah to help grandma, her mom and Auntie Lin in the kitchen preparing the cakes and cookies for the Eid. 

She had insisted of making some cookies and with the help of her auntie Lin got it done. With her two elder sisters away she was left alone to do her things without been tease or disturb by the elders. And the result of her works is the image above; tasty and colorful indeed. She did well and we are happy with it. 

While she was happily in the kitchen her two siblings are busy at the computer as seen in the image on the left. 

Meanwhile Lin our youngest daughter who has taken over the kitchen from her mom did the Butter Cakes. It is one of my favorites cake and I love it. 

As for the lunch she prepared a Chicken Biayani which turns out to be good. Better then the one we often ate at the restaurant nearby. 

Well folks we did had an enjoyable Eid Adha. It was indeed a great family reunion. 

Have a nice day.

[All images was taken with the iPad camera - please click to enlarge]

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