Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A fallen leaf...

[Malacca July 27, 2011] Woke up to a beautiful day in Malacca. After having a quick breakfast I took a slow walk at the beach in front of the condominium complex. It was early in the morning. Except for an old woman selling Nasi Lemak and the road cleaner at the roadside, there was no one else on the beach. I was almost alone there. Other then the sound of the waves bashing the beach, the place was quiet. Since it was early morning the beach itself was still clean after last night rain and the shore had been washed by the waves at high tide. So everything on the beach looks clean and undisturbed.

I saw a fallen Ketapang leaf. It lay there on the sand that was dotted by the rain last night. The scene of that fallen leaf looks so picturesque that I decided to take a snap of that image; such a serene and beautiful scene against that white sand. Soon someone would step on it and it would be gone. I did enjoy that short moment in time admiring what nature had to offer in that fallen leaf. For a while I was mesmerized and got lost of times until the sudden bashing of a big wake woke me up to reality.

I then walk slowly enjoying the fresh air and looking at the clean beach with the leftover of seashells strews all over the sand with other debris that one often saw on a beach on a morning like this. I took several snaps and sharing it here for all to see and enjoy the image of the beach before us human walk on it and left our mark everywhere.

I was alone and I took my time to wild my imaginations and enjoy the freshness of the morning air. I had always loved the beach and the sea. My growing up period as a child was always associated with the sea. Born and bred in Kuantan, a small town on the east coast, the sea was a part of me. Whenever I get the opportunity I would always wonder along on the beach, camping or swimming. So this morning been on the beach and beside the sea on the west coast made me felt at home. That is one reason I kept coming to live at our condo at Pantai Puteri in Malacca.

That morning the weather was cool. As the day progresses I began to see more and more people gather around. I later found out that they are all fisherman getting ready to go to sea. To fish or to catch small shrimps the local call Geragau. I went to meet them and then continue to venture on the beach enjoying the fresh air while pondering the wonder of nature along the beach.

The battering of the waves smashing the shore and leaving the foams was such a beautiful scene while it last. I took several images of the beach at these early hours of the morning and sharing it here for all to enjoy. Well folks I am enjoying it and I believe anyone here would enjoy this wonder of nature too, the beach and the sea.

Have a nice day.  [Please click on image to enlarge]


azahar said...

I notice that very few Malaysians do enjoy and appreciate how magnificient and wonderful their local sceneries are.

When we lived in Ipoh, I always marvelled the limestone hills, especially in the morning when they are covered by fleeting clouds. But, sadly nobody there even care to look.

Coming back to the Ketapang leaf, do you know that it is used to breed fighting fish? My son used to place fallen ketapang leaves in the water for these fish to breeed, and breed they did.

Pak Idrus said...

azahar, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

I have always love nature, starting from the time when I was a Boy Scout in Kuantan. Learning what nature had to offer, our Scout Master would organized course where Agriculturalist would come and give talk of floral and fauna together with sample of plants. When we go camping we were told to collect leaves of plants and identify it.That was how we all learn to under nature in its own environment. Till these day I would wonder along beaches and bushes to watch the wonder of nature like plants and insect. It is these little wonder that made our lives so very interesting. I am passing it along to my kids and grand kids and happy that they too appreciate nature like I did.

As for the Ketapang leaves I know it is use in fish pond to color its water and cool it but I did not know it is use for breeding purposes. Now with your info I know. Appreciate it very much.

Have a nice day.

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

The photo of the fallen leaf is so artistic, Pak Idrus! What a juxtaposition of colours and textures.
Being at the beach is good for the soul. We don't get that many wide open spaces in the city. Being in wide open spaces reminds us of how little and insignificant our problems are, and what a vast and wonderful world we belong to.

Pak Idrus said...

~Covert_Operations'78~, Ee Lynn thanks for the visit and the good words on my kind of photography. I am glad that you too like it.

As for the beach I always find it to be a great place to relax the mind and enjoy the freshness of the air. Like you said it is in these vast space that would made us humble when we find ourselves are just but a dot in the ocean of space.

Have a nice day.

Saiful Azam said...

Pak Idrus,

Melaka is close to my heart..small yet full, busy yet quiet...Malaysia is full of natural wonders, that we take them for granted.

Salam perkenalan

Saiful Azam

Pak Idrus said...

Saiful Azam, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Well why Malacca is great, it is because it is a non feudal state.

As for nature's wonder agreed that we have plenty of it near and afar if only we care to look. I love nature and that is why I often write about it.

Have a nice day.