Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Day @ Pantai Puteri...

The sea always refreshes me. That morning on the beach at Pantai Puteri Malacca I was alone; taking my time to wonder the beauty of the vast open space in front of me. The beach, the sea and the horizon yonder and that blue sky up above is a vast space. It awesome, with the scenery changes all the times. Then you realized that in these wide space we are so small, just a dot in that oceans of space. It is only when we are at the beach that we could feel the vastness of space. Knowing that made us humble and appreciate what nature had to offer for our well-being on this planet we call earth; our home. I watch the waves bashing the shore endlessly leaving foams at the shoreline, turning the shoreline into a picturesque scene. It was a sight that changes every time the waves bashed the shore. I sat on the sandy beach with my camera and wild my imagination away careless of what's happening around me. I daydream for awhile while watching the white clouds up above against the blue sky. Like a child I too was imagining the images of the white clouds as I like it to be and enjoy that brief moment of my childhood.

As the day passes by I began to see more and more people coming to the fisherman dent nearby. I saw a few man sat to chat, another taking a nap on the boat and more were seen going over their gear of nets and poles for fishing in the shallow water of the beach. I walk toward them and chat and ask around as to what is the name of that flowering tree nearby. I was told that the name of the tree with the yellow flowers is Tahan Angin, a variety of hardy plant that thrives well on the sandy beach. It leaves could be use to wrap food like the Tapai [fermented rice] and of course it yellow flowers that bloom all the years round did add color to the scene of the beach. And then there is the Ketapang tree which provides shades to the vary fisherman during their time of rest. I talk to the fisherman and they say they are going to catch the Geragau [small shrimp] that is in season at this time of the years.

I watch one of them taking the net and gliding it on the shallow part of the see to catch the Geragau. It look easy but I believe for those who had never done it, it sure going to be a tough job wading in the sea, under the bright sun pushing a heavy net but for these fisherman it was easy. Well according to one of the fisherman they are just doing what had been done by their ancestors for years before them. It is a tradition that they are going to keep alive the best they could. BTW folks the Geragau is use to make Belacan [shrimp paste] and Cencalok [Shrimp sauce] which are use in traditional Malay cuisine.

As the sun began to rise on the east and the beach became brighter I move along and met a person that does not look like a fisherman. He looks more like a Planter with the dress he was wearing that day. I introduce myself to him and continue to chat along. He is known here as Pak Abu. From the look of it and the story he related to me, he is a man with much experiences. We chat on subjects that just come to our minds and soon we became friend. He says that he is quite often at the beach whiling his time with friends since like me he too had retired and enjoy his life in the golden years. We parted with a promise to see each other again.

Well folks I had always love the beach. It is part of me growing up in Kuantan. Every time I am here in Malacca I would take a walk along the beach in front of the condo complex and enjoy the time; at time meeting strangers that became friend like Pak Abu that I met that day. That is life and I am enjoying it.

Have a nice day and Take care.

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