Friday, October 22, 2010

The Mat...

Above is an image of a mat made of tropical leaves. It is a kind of the Pandan leaves that grows on the coastal area of the country. It is a piece of hand woven traditional floor covering made by the Malay and use indoor where once the Malay would sit on the floor to chat or enjoy their meals. Nowadays it is used more of as a decorative item to enhanced the floor space.

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~CovertOperations78~ said...

The woven mat brings back so many memories, Pak Idrus. Of sitting on the classroom floor on such mats during reading session when I was in lower primary school. Of having dinner while sitting cross-legged on the kitchen floor when visiting friends in the kampung. Of sleeping on these mats while the floorboards creak beneath us while camping out in Orang Asli villages. Thank you for the reminders. And thank you for bringing to our attention the effort and skill needed to produce these mats.

Unknown said...

I still used this mats actually..
Although the price is expensive, but maybe I'm purely kampung's boy..

louis said...


When I started primary school a relative gave me a schoolbag that was woven just like your mat. Even the pattern was similar but a different color, greenish and brown I seem to recall. I carried my slate in it.

Pak Idrus said...

~Covert_Operations'78~, Ee Lynn thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting, the Tikar.

Well like you during my childhood there was not dinning table and we all sit on the tikar to enjoy our foods. It is the same when quests came a visiting the tikar is laid for them to sit on the floor. It was cooling then thus I still use a few in my house. Well those were the days.

Have a nice day and take care.

Pak Idrus said...

Jamiel, thanks for the visit and sharing your thought on the subject of this posting.

I am glad to know that you too are using this. I too have a few in my house to enhanced the living space. It does add a traditional touch to the house.

Have a nice day and take care.

Pak Idrus said...

Louis, thanks for the visit and sharing a part of history on the subject of this posting.

Well in those day I too use such bag like you describe but did not put the slate in it. When I was using slate I did not have anything else to carry. It was just the slate. We seem to have many things common of our childhood days. Interesting eh!

BTW they still make bags from the same material now and it mostly sold to the tourists.

Have a nice day and take care.