Friday, May 21, 2010

Teh Tarek @ KLCC...

I was at the KLCC the other day. Asmah my spouse was attending to her appointment somewhere in the complex and was on her own for some one and half hours. So I had plenty of times to kill. I went to the bookstore Kino and browse along. Thousands of books are everywhere one look and I felt good among books, the other love of mine. I have been reading book since the age of eighteen and then henceforth I am hooked and since then never without a book. Last week I was here and bought two books and reading one of it now.

After awhile I decided to move out of the store and went to have a Teh Tarek at the RASA Food Court nearby. I sat there enjoying my Teh Tarek while daydreaming careless of my surrounding. The Teh Tarek is just RM1.50 and this is at KLCC, the posh shopping complex in town. So who say that this place is expensive. One could enjoy a Roti Canai for RM1.20 or a Mee Mamak for just RM4.50 plus Ice Kosong [Plain water with ice] for just 50cent. So as you could see it is dirt cheap to have food here at this Food Court. Of course there are other foods there, the Nasi Dagang from Kelantan, the Nasi Padang where for just less that RM10.00 one could have hearty meals. And there are those expensive restaurants where you could indulge yourselves to a fine dine if you want. Asmah and I did that from time to time and enjoy the food as well as the cozy ambiance. For that one had to pay extra which to me is OK, since it is of one's choice. While sitting there enjoying my Teh Tarek alone, I could hear folks talking just like in the Pasar or a market. And because everyone seem to be talking and at time giggling, actually I just could not understand of what transpired among them. It was just noise to me and I continue to enjoy my Teh Tarek and at the same time feasting my eyes with the mystic surrounding of the complex. Through the translucent roof I could see the gleaming Twin Towers; a magnificent sight indeed.

There are many tourists from the Middle East as well from China lingering around the sidewalk near RASA, talking among themselves. And at the same time admiring through the translucent roof one of Cesar Pelli greatest creation, The Petronas Twin Towers; still the highest Twin Towers in the world. There are other higher towers in the other parts of the world but this tower in Kuala Lumpur is still the highest Twin Towers since all the other towers are single tower. Dr. Mahathir was smart in seeing that not one tower was built but two and he got the best and famous architect to design it. With it now Kuala Lumpur has an icon of its own that is unique not only to the country Malaysia but the world as well.

Have a nice day.

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