Saturday, February 21, 2009

The moon...

The moon. Yes we all love the moon. I have always felt good when I see the moon. It has been like that all throughout my life. I enjoy a moonlit night especially when it is full moon. It is made more enchanting when you see it at the beach at night with its glittering reflection in the seawater below. From the time I could remember whenever we went camping at the Teluk Cempedak beach in Kuantan we would sleep on the bare beach of golden sand with the moonlight as our only light of the evening. We would enjoy singing the camping songs around a campfire while enjoying roasted fish and other seafood that we had caught during the day. And then we would just go to sleep in the open as the moon makes its disappearing act into the clouds. To me there is always that mystic about the moon. Many poetry and love story have been written about the effect of the moon on us. Personally to me happiness has always been associated with the moon. The feeling has always been that of goodness and love.

At the end of last month there was the solar eclipse and just a few days ago was the eclipse of the moon. On that particular day it was full moon and reminded by my spouse I decided to have a look. I climb to the flat room of my house and stare at the sky. Sure enough there was a bright moon, a full moon. I then took some snaps as the moon appear and disappear as the cloud move. It was just after 9PM in the evening and according to the news the eclipse would happen sometime between now and mid night. So I just wait but as the night goes the cloud became thicker making the sighting of the moon almost impossible. I thought that it would not be possible to take any snap of that eclipse. With that thought I end that evening with more shots of the moon. Above are some snaps of the moon on that beautiful evening in Ampang Jaya. Have a nice day.[mc]


Covert_Operations'78 said...

Those are great photos, Pak Idrus. The moon is such a beautiful yet mysterious entity. When we were young, we used to think that the moon 'followed' us home. It wasn't until we understood the principles of physics that we understood the idea of size and distance and how the optical illusion of a moon that trailed us home was created.

The Chinese think that a deity lives in the moon, and so we shouldn't point our fingers at it because it would be disrespectful. Sorry to say I don't adhere to that at all!

Best regards,

Pak Idrus said...

Covert_Operations'78, Ee Lynn thanks for the visit and the good words on my kind blogging and photography. I did enjoy photography and still learning to do a better job of it. Thanks for the compliment on this images. Much appreciated.

As for the belief, the myth and superstition the Malay believed it too. We have been con far too long on this and I am glad that like me you have got out of that spell. Thanks to science for that. So let us move forward with science and technology and stop believing in the myth and superstition.

Have a nice day.

headsteadi said...

nice. wonder how it's like being up there alone ...

Pak Idrus said...

headsteadi, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this posting.

I believe it would be the same like you sitting alone on earth looking at the moon. I also believe our species would get to the moon and the other planets in future. So we all should be prepared to leave good earth when the time come.

In the meantime do enjoy our life on good earth. Have a nice day.

Kama said...

Pak, when I was a little girl in faraway mining outpost Bukit Besi in rural Terengganu, our front yard had a wide wooden platform we called 'pangkin' where we lepak in the evenings.

Sometimes at night when the moon was bright, Tok Ayah and I would sit on the pangkin together just to enjoy its brightness and beauty.. Thank you for giving my fading memory a jolt; it sure was a poignant trip down memory lane..

Pak Idrus said...

Kama, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting. I am indeed glad that this posting did jolt you thoughts of past events.

As we grow old we remember clearly the happening when we were young, so it is good to write it down and share with all to enjoy. I enjoy doing just that for what else that I could give back to the society but the great memories of my past.

As for the 'Pankin' yes most house have that raised platform where one would just sat to enjoy the evening or just to do some handy works. Another important space is the 'Serambi' which I had it built beside the normal patio of my home in Ampang Jaya.

Have a nice day.