Sunday, October 19, 2008

Of Blogging and a Sunday...

Woke up to another beautiful day, the sun was shinning bright on this great Sunday morning. As usual the sunlight made me happy; somehow I could felt the effect of the sun on me. It sort of that feels good feeling. With that came joy. I have always enjoyed the sun. During my childhood on the east coast we would be enjoying a great swim at the beach on such a sunny day, splashing and enjoying the day care less of what's happening around us. Telok Cempedak in Kuantan then was just another great bay with beautiful golden beach. There was no building at that time, just greens. We could even get fresh water to drink from the small creek nearby or from the fresh water that sprout from the crevice of the rocks that one could still see on both sides of the beach enclave. It not the same now after the authority decide to allow developers to build hotels and shops houses near the beach. I was sad when I saw these developments but what can we do but just to turn back to the memories of good time we have had at this wonderful place in the sun of my childhood. Whenever I go back to Kuantan I would still have a glimpse of this place, my playground in the fifties. Let come to the reality of today's world, and enjoy as much of the good earth before that also became just a memory.

Folks I have been invited to be on live TV this evening. It would be on the air at 8.40PM and I would be talking about the New Media on the TV1's Blogger program. Hopefully I would get enough time to contribute as much. To me Blogging is a godsend tool for us to express out thoughts and sharing our knowledge with the society, with the hopes it would in a small ways do made the differences. Blogging has enriched my life and I am enjoying doing that. If you are as yet not into blogging, do give it a try and I am sure that you would come to enjoy it.

The latest research finding of what blogging meant to folks in their golden age is indeed encouraging. It says that blogging is healthy for it alert the mind, thus it kept one healthy. Of course as any blogger know best the mere posting of an article already made one happy. Happiness is the vital ingredient of a healthy life. So folks do blog and enjoy doing it.

Have a nice day.


changgeh said...

Congratulations Pak Idrus. Now you have turn into a celebrity of sorts I would say.I missed the last time but I won't miss this one.


salam pak idrus ...

Finally you've been invited for the blog program (RTM1). Hopefully you'll be talking more about the culture of blogging in our country and not to see blogging as an act of time wasting. I'll be definitely in front of my TV tonight.

Tahniah pak idrus.


louis said...

Too bad your tv appearance won't be streamed live over the net. I would have watched it.

Pak Idrus said...

changgeh, Alias thanks for the visit and the kind words.

I am glad that RTM gave me that opportunity to talk on prime time and did my best to talk about the culture of blogging. I hope I did OK. Glad to get a feedback from you.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

jalan rebung, Rizal thanks for the visit and the good words on my been invited to the RTM Blog program.

I am thankful to RTM for that and I did my best to talk about the culture of Blogging. As you know we can never have enough time in cyberspace and that includes on TV. The 20 minutes went very fast indeed. It was good of them to do it at prime time and I hope I got through some useful information on the culture of blogging. Anyway for the folks like us to be given such opportunity is indeed sort of godsend.

So how did I do!!Appreciate a feedback. Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

louis, thanks for the visit and the good words.

Not to worry I got a copy of it and would try to post it on my next posting. It is in Bahasa Malaysia. Anyway I believe you would understand it. If you are in difficulty I think Rita Ho could help you.

Have a nice day.

changgeh said...

Pak Idrus
Congratulations again. You did well. It look like you have a lot to say but unfortunately time wasn't on your side. The moderator should have let you have your way and not interrupt halfway.I agreed when you said blogging is good for the mind, especially for the elders like us.It's some sort of a mind therapy. Have a nice day.

Akmal said...

Pak Idrus, I wonder what have I missed during the session. Looks like you got a copy of it, so I think I'll pass YouTube. :)
I started my blog after I saw you on TV. So I think there must be someone, somewhere out there followed suit after watching you in RTM.
Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

changgeh, Alias thanks for the return visit and the good words on my talk at that TV program. Yes I have plenty to talk about and as you know time is always not on your side. Anyway I believe I got most of what I wanted to say about the culture of blogging in Malaysia and why it is such an important tool for our young democracy. The twenty minutes went very fast indeed.

Thanks to RTM we blog are getting more and more exposure and not demonized any more like before the March 8 election. So let us continue blogging for our health as well as a contribution to the society.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...
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Pak Idrus said...

Akmal, thanks for the visit and the kind words. Yes I got a copy of that show and would put it up on You Tube.

After the show I got a comment from a person from Brunei saying he did enjoyed that show and also had good word on my kind of blogging. [He posted his comment on the posting 'the view']

Have a nice day.

Ms B said...

Hi Pak Idrus,

Your last pharagraph reflects my idea of blogging. When I first started, it was my channel to vent. My past experience made me to keep most things to myself. It gave a sense a relief to be able to unleash those thoughts.

Then over the years, I became a better person in every aspect and I could clearly see them in my postings. Knowing that my writings inspires others also makes my day.

U keep well Pak and continue writing!

anasalwa said...

Congratulations Pak Idrus. You are popular and famous now, eh? :))I'm so happy for you.

Pak Idrus said...

ms b, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of blogging. It is the beautiful mind that made a person happy and with that be meaningful about living. It do color one's life.

When we get it out of our chest and share it with others, it not only releases us from holding to it but in sharing we get not only the satisfaction of giving but also knowing that it gave others input about living which otherwise they would not get. In that you sharing your thoughts including that is personal do made a valuable contribution for others to enjoy a beautiful life as well. Of course when the mind is active it made the whole system healthy as well.

BTW do you in any way know the real name of Ms b. Have a nice day and take care.

Pak Idrus said...

anasalwa, Siti thanks for the visit and the kind words on me and my blogging world.

RTM thought that it is worth their while to give me time to share the blogging culture with the world, so I tried to do my best to contribute and I am happy that I am able to do that.

Have a nice day.